Makita angle grinder with adjustable speed

Makita 40V XGT Brushless 5″ Variable Speed Paddle Switch Angle Grinder Review with Electric Brake

angle grinder (angle grinder)

Angle grinders (angle grinders) are tools designed for cutting and machining workpieces made of metal, concrete, brick, stone and other hard materials. Also capable of deburring and sanding surfaces, provided the appropriate tooling is used. Thus, the angle grinder is used for home, construction, repair, in the car repair shop, etc.д.

The main classification of equipment

  • Electric models work from a regular mains. But when working with this kind of cutting angle grinder, it is important to keep an eye on the cable, so as not to accidentally damage it;
  • The choice in favor of a cordless angle grinder is made by those who have to work in hard-to-reach places or where there is no power source;
  • Pneumatic units (requires a compressor).

The diameter of the cutting wheel is also an important parameter of the tool. There are 5 different disk sizes in total:

For equipment with a diameter of 150 mm power unit must be in the range 500-1500 W, but for large circles (180-230 mm) power equipment is 1800 W and above. The wheel must fit exactly on the guard, t.к. Without this protective element, work can lead to serious injuries. Pay attention and to motor diameter: the more it is, the more torque, and, therefore, the more productive the machine. But it also affects the size of the angle grinder.

Tips and recommendations

So, for example, to work in a limited space, to perform not the most complex work choose a small (mini) angle grinder on metal. But for professional use it is better to buy a large angle grinder, which will cope with all the tasks. Also match your power tool to the job you intend to do: Domestic or professional. Do not neglect the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper use, t.к. their correct execution determines the service life of the equipment and your safety.

Strictly monitor the load on the tool. If the speed is reduced, then reduce the load as well, because.к. If the load is increased, the amperage increases and more heat is generated. At this point the cooling impeller begins to rotate more slowly, which may result in damage to the motor (it will simply burn out). To accurately control the work of the tool to accurately select the intensity in accordance with the tasks recommended to purchase an angle grinder with a speed regulator, as well as with the function of a soft start.

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Today on sale are angular grinder with dust extraction, which allows you to keep the workplace clean, protect the operator from getting on it production waste. Some models are equipped with special dust protection, which is a sealed armored shell, labyrinth channels, etc. It significantly extends the lifetime of the tools. Model kitting and form of delivery angle grinder affects its price: the more set, the higher the cost.

The advantages of buying in the online store “Encor24”

“Encor24” offers angle grinders by Bosch, Makita, Metabo, DeWALT, SPARKY, etc. By buying from us you get:

makita, angle, grinder, adjustable, speed


In addition to the basic technical characteristics and auxiliary options, it is very important to understand exactly how everything is arranged. As a sample for consideration, you can take the Makita 9557HN angle grinder. The unit is housed inside a compact housing. The angle grinder is equipped with an electric motor with a total power of 840 W. As is typical of modern technology, the angle grinder is equipped with a labyrinth sealing system. It not only seals the motor parts but also the bearings reliably against dust.

The dust protecting varnish is applied in several layers. Armature and stator are fitted with it. The rotor normally does not need this additional protection. But the interference suppressor is compulsory. The source of this interference is the running motor itself. A 90-degree rotation is provided with the help of a gearbox. Release clutch found only on large angle grinders. Its role is to prevent backlash, which can occur if the blade gets stuck in the material to be machined. Soft-start buttons on some models.

And here’s what should be a must-have, so it’s an external hood. If it is missing, there is a serious danger for those working with an angle grinder. The slightest carelessness or unforeseen obstacle can lead to injury. The auxiliary handle is a useful addition. With it, the angle grinder can be used in a variety of positions, and holding the tool is quite comfortable. Can be of great benefit and lock button, allowing you to stop the machine as quickly as possible, if such a need arises.

The best brands of bolt cutters

Production of angle grinders engaged in domestic and foreign companies. The German manufacturer Bosch, the Japanese Hitachi and Makita have achieved high results. Predominantly they produce models for professional use: angle grinder with adjustable speed, power, exceeding 1200 watts, and various disc diameters. Angle grinders enable you to perform all kinds of complex operations. Using special diamond discs, you can cut concrete and stone, prepare walls for wire. Additional side handle provides control over the powerful power tool during operation.

Features of the cordless angle grinder with adjustable speed

Cordless angle grinder with adjustable spindle speed is a multifunctional power tool designed for a whole spectrum of jobs. The angle grinder can be used for cutting or grinding metal, stone, wood, other materials. Battery-powered, it can be used even in places without centralized power: in the woods, in the country house, in the field.

makita, angle, grinder, adjustable, speed

What features to pay attention to when choosing a Makita angle grinder?

Going to buy an angle grinder from the manufacturer Makita, you should consider such features:

  • Household, as they are called, home models are not suitable for long-term continuous operation.Your machine will break down quickly if you don’t use it correctly.
  • Professional devices can work up to 10 hours a day. But such angle grinders are much more expensive than home ones, in addition, they are heavy.
  • With a device with low power you can only process the softest materials: for example, cut glass, or remove burrs from metal surfaces. Angle grinders with medium power are available in stores in a wide range. The most powerful angle grinder buy for industrial enterprises.
  • The most practical in the work of two-handed angle grinder. They can be fitted with discs with a diameter of over 150 mm.
  • You need a mini-model? Buy an angle grinder with a battery.
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Online store “Order” sells a wide range of grinders for home and workshop. At us you can buy an angle grinder famous brands of domestic and foreign manufacturers Diold, Interskol, Military, Victory, Makita, Vikhr, Redbo, Bort, Graphite, Felisatti, Bulat, Patriot, Kölner, Stavr. According to reviews of these models of angle grinder are the most popular. We offer grinding machines with adjustable speed, cordless angle grinder and powered from the network, household and professional.

angle grinder (angle grinder)

The so-called “angle grinder”. is a tool that can be used for:

“Official” name of this tool is an angle grinder. The main working element in the design is an abrasive (grinding) disc. It consists of grains of abrasive material. Depending on what material is planned to process, a special disc is purchased.

How to choose an angle grinder

If you doubt which angle grinder to buy, what characteristics it should have in order to be the most useful, we recommend to pay attention first of all to the following parameters:

  • The maximum permissible size and thickness of the discs: the larger the diameter, the deeper the cut that can be made. However, it is more convenient to grind not too large disc;
  • idle speed of the spindle: the optimal speed is 80 m/s relative to the workpiece at the point of contact with the wheel surface. Depending on the diameter of the latter, the speed varies inversely. Given that, depending on the task to be performed, you can use a disc with a different diameter, it is better if the angle grinder is equipped with a spindle speed adjustment function;
  • power angle grinder: the higher this indicator, the higher performance and less chance of tool failure, particularly due to overheating;
  • availability of additional functions: the system of start limitation, maintaining constant speed, protection against shifting, automatic disk balancing.

Buy angle grinder from reputable manufacturers from around the world in the online store Leroy Merlin, selecting the model by power consumption, blade diameter, brand, etc.д. We offer a wide range of models at low prices, and you’re sure to find an option that meets your requirements.

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Makita 9565CVR angle grinder, 1400 Watt, 125 mm

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We will show you all the advantages and disadvantages of the Makita 9565CVR angle grinder, 1400 W, 125 mm revealed in the use of users. We don’t hide anything and we post all positive and negative honest customer reviews about Makita 9565CVR angle grinder, 1400W, 125mm and also offer alternative products similar. Should I buy. The decision is yours alone!

Angle grinders

Item: 706003086 RPM adjustable grinder used for grinding and cutting structures made of various materials.

Item: 706004289 The protective hood is suitable for use with 125 mm disc angle grinders for the dust extraction when painting or treating concrete, stone, wood, fiberglass, and other surfaces.

Article number: 706003807 Angle grinder for grinding and cutting of metal, concrete and stone. Equipped with a dial for infinitely variable speed adjustment.

Item No.: 706004188 Angle grinder for cutting, deburring and grinding of metal and stone materials with mains connection.

Article No.: 706004168 Angle grinder for grinding, deburring and cutting of metal and stone materials with mains connection.

Article number: 706002618 The angle grinder is suitable for grinding and cutting work on construction sites made of various materials.

Article number: 706004540 Angle grinder for cutting, deburring and grinding of metal and stone materials.

Item: 706004007 Wheel chassis for angle grinders with a disc diameter of 115 and 125 mm for stationary use.

Article number: 706004329 Angle grinder for cutting and grinding of metal and other construction materials.

Article number: 706003818 Cordless brushless angle grinder for cutting, finishing and sanding metal, concrete and stone.

makita, angle, grinder, adjustable, speed

Article number: 706004225 Speed-adjustable grinder for dry grinding, sanding and cutting work in metal, concrete and stone.

Article No.: 706004140 Nutritionally connected polishing machine for processing metal, wood and stone surfaces. It has the ability to work with tips diameter of 150 and 230 mm. Disk with polishing cover included.