What screwdriver is suitable for ice discovery. Makita DF0300, box, 320 watts

Which screwdriver to choose for ice discovery?

Winter fishing does not do without drilling holes. Many fishermen use a battery screwdriver for these purposes, which greatly facilitates the work. It is installed directly on the screw and easily makes holes in the ice. The best screwdriver for ice discovery from one charge depending on the thickness of the ice can inhale 130-150 holes. Each with a diameter of not more than 200 mm. This tool is very convenient because it has small weight and dimensions. But which screwdriver to choose for ice discovery so as not to be mistaken? The model needed for this work is bought only after they familiarize themselves with the main parameters.

Place Model
one. Metabo BS 18 Ltx Bl I 0 Box, without a battery Prices Review
2. Dewalt DCD777D2T Prices Review
3. Zubble DAI-18-2-LIC4 Prices Review
4. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 3.5ach x1 lihd box Prices Review
5. Dewalt DCD701D2 Li-Ion 2.0 A h 12 in x2 case tstak Prices Review
6. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 5.2ah X2 Case Prices Review
7. Dewalt DCD791P2 Prices Review
eight. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 4.0ah X2 Case Prices Review
nine. Makita DDF481RF Li-Ion 3.0 A h 18 in x1 case Prices Review
ten. Metabo BS 18 L Bl 2.0ach x2 case Prices Review

Practical recommendations

In order for the ice drift equipped with a screwdriver for a long time, it is necessary to follow the elementary rules of operation, care and storage. With a careless attitude, you can disable any high.Quality tool, battery or break the adapter.

Where to keep the battery in the cold

Batteries, especially lithium-ionic ones, are afraid of a long stay in the cold. To extend his life, to prevent quick discharge, you need to keep it in warmth. The simplest solution is to put the battery in the inner of the winter jacket.

To warn from random falls or blows, special protective packaging is provided. It can be a small plastic case or holster. They can be fixed in the chest area under the jacket, providing careful and warm storage of the battery.

How to care for an electric ice block

The drill with a screwdriver will serve as faith and truth, without failures and breakdowns, for a long time, if you carefully care for it:

  • You can not throw it on the ice or in the snow.
  • After drilling the holes, the battery must be hidden in heat.
  • At the end of winter, it is recommended to conduct maintenance of the tool, replacing the lubricant and checking the main components of the mechanism with wear.
  • The adapter after fishing must be wiped dry, in order to avoid metal corrosion.

Transport ice drift should be disassembled with a screwdriver. The screw is taken in the case separately from the tool and adapter.

Which drill is suitable for working with a screwdriver

Most of the screwdrivers are designed for right.Hand drilling, tightening fasteners. Iceobur should be selected taking into account this moment, with this orientation. There is not so much on sale of drilling systems with a rotation system in the left side of domestic production. Such models are not suitable for working with screwdrivers. The return move in expensive units quickly disables them.

Drill the holes manually time.Consuming and for a long time, especially if the thickness of the ice is large. It is more efficient to choose high.Quality screwdriver for ice discovery, and use it.

Which ice car to choose for winter fishing to drill with comfort One of the main attributes of winter fishing is an ice drift. With the help of such a tool, it succeeds quickly and efficiently.

An important detail, an adapter for ice discovery

An adapter for an ice.Block with a screwdriver can be bought at any fishing store, it will cost within 500 rubles, and its design is not so complicated, I think if you show the picture to any locksmith, it will make you cheaper and quality no worse.

But if there is a great desire to make an adapter with your own hands, then it is enough to take a thick.Walled tube or rod. A regular bit is suitable for a shank for a screwdriver.

Using welding, connect one with the other, of course observing the alignment. A hole with the side, to connect an adapter with an ice discovery, it will not be difficult to drill.

And you can make an adapter with a thread for installation instead of a cartridge, as shown in the video. Perhaps this is the best option.

Independent check of lubrication in mechanics

Today it is difficult to check the oil level in the manual transmission, if you do not have much equipment. It’s easier to resort to car service services. However, if you want to do everything yourself, follow this algorithm:

  • Horizontally set the car on a smooth surface. Activate the “handbrake”, click on the clutch pedal.
  • After the engine is turned off, at least 2 minutes should pass. This is necessary in order to automatically stop circulating, glass to the bottom of the pallet.
  • Find the oil.Pounding neck, take the wrench.
  • Unscrew the lid. So you will get access to a container with an automatic.
  • Check the oil level in the manual transmission. You can use a metal wire, a screwdriver or a special probe. Determine how high the level of car in the pallet is located.
  • Close the plug.

Oil can be poured. This indicates that the oil level in the box is normal.

Which drill is suitable for working with a screwdriver

All screwdrivers are designed for right.Sided drilling and tightening fasteners. BU should choose with this direction. The small part of the domestic icevods is equipped with a rotation system to the left side. If the owner has just such an instance, then for a screwdriver of it Better to change.

The adapter is designed to connect a screwdriver and drill. Both tools will be useless without it. With proper diligence and skill from ordinary ice discovery, with the help of an adapter, you can make an electric version. Of course, if everything is calculated correctly.

The design of the adapter (adapter) includes:

Which drill is suitable for working with a screwdriver

All screwdrivers are designed for right.Sided drilling and tightening fasteners. BU should choose with this direction. The small part of the domestic icevods is equipped with a rotation system to the left side. If the owner has just such an instance, then for a screwdriver of it Better to change.

The adapter is designed to connect a screwdriver and drill. Both tools will be useless without it. With proper diligence and skill from ordinary ice discovery, with the help of an adapter, you can make an electric version. Of course, if everything is calculated correctly.

The design of the adapter (adapter) includes:

How many batteries are needed

Most users of such devices use 2 batteries on one.Day fishing. As a rule, 10-20 holes are enough for one completely charged battery, but it all depends on the thickness and complexity of the ice, as well as the quality of the drill blades. It is very important that both batteries during fishing are kept in warmth, for example, under clothing. This will avoid their excessive cooling and loss of capacity. And wearing a couple of heavy battery blocks under clothes is terribly uncomfortable. The screwdriver itself does not need warmth, but it is worth considering that after prolonged cooling in the frosty air, this tool is then laid in a heated machine, where the internal parts are instantly covered with condensate, which is dangerous for electronics.

Important: When buying such an expensive tool, pay attention to the battery manufacturing time. They must be fresh. Refuse batteries with 2 or 3 year ago, t.To. There is a great probability of irreparable loss of their capacity.

Inexpensive models

The category of inexpensive, budget models will include those whose cost does not exceed 10 thousand. Rub.

Hitachi DS18DS FL

The Hitachi DS18DVF3 model is easy to use, has an ergonomic case and a weight of 1.7 kg, which makes it comfortable and comfortable. Air cooling is provided, which protects the working mechanism from hypothermia, the desired mode of operation is selected using a double.Sided gearbox and an electronic revolutionary adjustment system. Two batteries, a manual lamp, a charger, a set of bits, a holder for nozzles, as well as a portfolio resistant to shock are included with the device. Using a quick.Shot device, the device receives a full charge for 40 minutes.

  • Professional tool;
  • Convenient;
  • Easy;
  • Good equipment;
  • The presence of air cooling;
  • Price;
  • Possibility of choosing the operating mode.

Interskol DAU-13/18VK Li-Ion

The shock model of the Dreve-shuruvrusta intercosa DAU-13/18VK of Chinese-made is convenient in use due to the fact that manufacturers have thought out the structure of the structure. For use, no additional skills will be required, the operating instructions, charger, batteries are included with the unit (2 pcs.) and a suitcase. The assembly quality makes the device reliable and durable, allowing you to use it in almost any conditions and at various temperatures.

Makita DDF441RFE

Has a powerful engine, quickly clamping cartridge and reverse function. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery of 3 Ah with a capacity of 14.4 V. Its torque. 70 nm. Has an additional pen. The price of Makita DDF441RFE varies depending on the configuration. The average is approximately twenty thousand rubles. Producer warranty. 1 year.

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls

A completely tolerable model that has a number of advantages: a removable battery of 4-5.2 Ah with a voltage of 18 V, insignificant weight-2 kg, the most rigid torque-110 nm; Additional pen. The average price is about twelve thousand rubles. The only drawback is the shocking shock, which often causes some inconvenience when drilling ice.

Makita 6337 DWDE

The best combination of price and quality. Nickel-metallogid battery with a voltage of 14.4 V. Capacity. 2.5 ah. The most hard torque is 65 nm. The screwdriver is unstressed. Charging time. 1 hour. Weight. 2.1 kg. It has an authorialist. The average price is about ten thousand rubles. There is a drawback. The absence of an additional pen. Not fatal, but still unpleasant.

Dewalt DCD991NT

The screwdriver DeWALT DCD991NT refers to unstressed models and demonstrates impressive torque. Up to 95 Nm, which makes it a good choice for screwing and unscrewing the tight fasteners.

It is suitable for active professional operation and is equipped with a fast.Packed cartridge, which guarantees easy replacement of equipment. The cartridge has 13 mm clip diameter and reliably fixes the equipment of any purpose.

The device can also be used as a productive battery drill, due to which holes with a diameter of up to 55 cm in a tree and 13 mm in metal are ensured.

The product is equipped with ergonomic and convenient with a handle even with prolonged operation and receives food from the battery. The battery capacity is 5 Ah, with an output voltage of 18 W. The kit that includes a screwdriver, replaceable batteries and network forces are placed in a corporate case.

Makita DDF481Z

Makita DDF481Z model, which is a bronnial electric engine, which Provides the speed of rotation of the spindle up to 2100 rpm and has an impressive torque for such a small tool, which is 115 nm.

The device is able to tighten and unscrew any fasteners and drill holes, the diameter of which is 76 mm in a tree and 13 mm in metal.

In its fast.Packed cartridge, you can fix the bat or drill with a shank size up to 13 mm.

High performance and working efficiency of the product are provided by the battery, which has an output voltage of 18 V and a capacity of 5 Ah.

The tool is equipped with two removable batteries, a charger for them, a case with a handle for storage and carrying.

In addition, the model is equipped with a clip with a clip, with which the device can be easily hung on your belt while performing work.

Dewalt DCD796D2

Small Small Small Drill DeWALT DCD796D2 is equipped with new batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah and a bronnial motor, which provides design excellent performance.

Makita DTD171 зачем я его продал и зачем продал Makita DDF481 что купил чем пользовался раньше итог.

Thanks to your compact dimensions with a drill, you can work even in a limited space.

The product is equipped with a fast.Packed cartridge, thanks to which the change of equipment does not take much time.

Built.In illumination provides comfortable and long.Term work in conditions of poor visibility. A metal clip is provided for fastening the device on the belt.

The product includes metal gears, a two.Stage gearbox that increases the duration of the drill.

Scurget for ice discovery

In addition to the main functions, the screwdriver can be used and not entirely. Many take this fishing tool for drilling holes in ice. We will tell you which screwdriver to choose for ice discovery and which company is suitable for this.

Place Model
one. Interskol DAU-13/18V Prices Review
2. Dewalt DCD777D2T-QW Prices Review
3. Makita DF033DWAE Prices Review
4. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 3.5ach x1 lihd box Prices Review
5. Dewalt DCF620D2K Prices Review
6. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 5.2ah X2 Case Prices Review
7. Dewalt DCD791P2 Prices Review
eight. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 4.0ah X2 Case Prices Review
nine. Makita DDF481RF Li-Ion 3.0 A h 18 in x1 case Prices Review
ten. Metabo BS 18 L Bl 2.0ach x2 case Prices Review

Features of choice

Before buying this or that option, it is important to know some of the selection rules so that there are no problems using and operation. Because not all models of screwdrivers are suitable for this task. The selection criteria include:

  • The power of the tool. This is the main parameter to which it is important to pay attention to. The higher the indicator, the easier it will be for a person to cope with various tasks. He will break even a thick layer of ice and overcome obstacles. It is better to always pay attention to branded and expensive tools, of course you can take budget executions, but their functionality can disappoint.
  • The second thing that attention is paid to is the torque. Here you can also FOCUS on the rule, the higher, the better. However, the cost increases from this, we must not forget about this. Minimum indicator-50-70 nm. Such models can be bought, only they can spend a lot of time before a person gets a finished result. It is best to purchase models-80-90 nm. It is important to remember that the indicator of torque is not achieved due to the shock properties of the tool. Because such an option is completely useless during the drilling of ice.
  • It is also worth inspecting the quality of the assembly in general. Everything should be tight and reliable. It is recommended to pay attention to manufacturing materials. After all, the product will be used in extreme conditions and in severe frosts. It is desirable that there is high resistance to bad weather, otherwise the device will quickly break. It is always worth giving preference to well.Known brands, as they produce reliable and durable products that will last a single year and has a long guarantee.
  • The presence of additional options. The handle with two supports is positively reflected in the ergonomy of the tool. Because the product will not jump out of hands. All this provides convenient application. Of course, you can buy products that are not equipped with this element. But drilling in this case will become uncomfortable.

The necessary characteristics of a screwdriver for working on winter fishing

Screwdriver for ice discovery what to choose? When buying, pay attention to power indicators, the number of batteries and the characteristics of the adapter. Ignoring the rules will not give the expected results from the device.

What power should be a screwdriver

The minimum performance indicators for combination with an ice ax should exceed 60 nm. Average cost of equipment-8-35 thousand. Rub., Weight along with the battery. 3 kg.

In some inexpensive versions there is an adapter with a gear reducer used to reduce the output speed and reduce the load on the device. When choosing such equipment, you can save on expensive power tools. The adapter, along with the built.In gearbox, will cost 5 thousand. Rub.

How many batteries are needed

Most fishermen use 2 batteries for a one.Day procedure. Sometimes one battery is enough for 10 or 20 holes, but performance indicators depend:

During the fishing process, the batteries should be in a warm place to exclude cooling and reduce the capacity of the charge. The scorchor does not need warmth, but after a long stay in the cold and the premises in a warmed car, the details are instantly covered with condensate. Moisture is the first enemy of electronics.

Which adapter for a screwdriver is better to take

A special device is designed to connect the axis of the drill and the screw.In.Line drive. An additional handle is provided in the adapter. For the left hand so that it is more convenient and safer to drill. Do not forget about the limiter that helps prevent the instrument fall into an ice hole with a large diameter when exiting the cartridge.

TOP-16 rating of the best screwdrivers for ice discovery 2021-2022

TOP-5 best screwdrivers for ice discovery for price/quality for 2021-2022
one Rokodil Twist 2 Pro Find out the price
2 Makita DDF485RF Li-Ion 3 A h 18 in x1 case Find out the price
3 Bosch GSR 180-Li 2.0ach x2 case Find out the price
4 Metabo BS 18 L Bl 2.0ach x2 case Find out the price
5 DeWALT DCD777D2T Find out the price
TOP-4 Best Chinese screwdrivers for ice discovery
one Worx WX175 2.0ach x2 case Find out the price
2 WHOLOR DA-20L-2K Find out the price
3 BORT BAB-24X2LI-XDK Li-Ion 2.0 A 24 in x2 bag Find out the price
4 Worx WX183.12.0ach x2 case Find out the price
TOP-4 best powerful screwdrivers for ice discovery
one Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 3.5ach x1 lihd box Find out the price
2 Makita DDF481RTE LI-ION 5 A h 18 in x2 case Find out the price
3 Stanley SBI201D2K Find out the price
4 Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 0 Box, without battery Find out the price
Top 3 best inexpensive screwdrivers for winter fishing
one Makita DF0300, box, 320 watts Find out the price
2 Interskol DAU-13/18V Find out the price
3 Makita DDF482Z, without a battery Find out the price

In important aspects when choosing a screwdriver for ice discovery are:

  • Power. The higher this indicator, the easier the tool will cope with strong durable ice. The best option is models with a capacity of 36 V, but the optimum in value and quality most often becomes screwdrivers with a capacity of 18-20 V;
  • Torque. Facilitates the process of drilled, do not pay attention to models with indicators of less than 50 N m, and more than 100 N m will have to adapt to devices;
  • Type of battery.Lithium-ionic most popular due to the cost, durability and duration of autonomous work;
  • Additional options and kitI. It will not be superfluous to have a second handle and adapter for fixing.

Inexpensive models (up to 25,000 rubles.)

When making any thing, the first thing is to pay attention to the cost. It is believed that the high price obliges the same quality. But the pattern does not always act. And this is successfully proved by models of screwdrivers for winter fishing from the budget segment.

Makita DDF458RFE

  • Moisture.Proof case
  • Fasted cartridge
  • High power
  • Metal gearbox
  • 21 Twisting mode with a drilling function
  • Battery charge indicator
  • The presence of a side handle
  • Compatibility with the battery for 4 Ah

“What’s Inside”. Makita Driver Drill. DF0300

Makita DDF458RFe drill is excellent performance. The diameter of the clamp cartridge up to 13 mm. The side handle and the presence of backlight increase the effectiveness of the work performed. Twisting indicators from 58 to 91 nm and 21-speed mode help to cope with various density material. Users noted high reliability and ease of use of the tool.

Dewalt DCD991P2

  • Easy
  • Durable and hardy
  • High torque up to 95 nm
  • The battery perfectly withstands minus temperatures
  • Bright backlight
  • A capacious battery charge

High.Quality shock tool Makita DDF458RFE. DRAST. SURVENT with 3 speed modes. Designed for active professional application. Equipped with electronic engine protection and an additional handle. Included 2 batteries with a capacity of 5 ah. Despite the fact that many users noted the fact of the non.Metallicity of the model, recognized as the best in the category “Reason of price and quality”.

Makita DDF451RFE

Model Makita DDF451RFE-a reliable unstressed drill-shuruvret with 16 steps of torque and 3-speed modes. Equipped with double backlight, a power button lock and side hilt. A durable case provides work in any weather. The peculiarity of the model is compatibility with more powerful batteries for 4 and 5 Ah. Users have repeatedly noted the reliability of the tool.

Rating inexpensive screwdriver for ice discovery

Having dealt with the main technical points, let’s move on to the best models of drilling for drilling ice. For greater convenience, the rating is divided into two categories: the first is devoted to household instruments, the second deserves the attention of experienced fans of winter fishing. In it the FOCUS is shifted towards the professional class.

Due to the high requirements of the drills to the torque indicator, the cheapest devices are not suitable for winter fishing. We selected 5 models at an affordable price, the performance of which is enough to cover the needs of beginner fishermen.

Model Battery voltage (c) Max torque (Hm) Spindle rotation frequency (rpm) Max drill diameter, wood / metal (mm) Additional handle Weight, kg) Average price in Russia (rub.)
DeWALT DCD791NT eighteen 70 0-550 / 0-2000 40 /13 Not one.5 13 190
Interskol DAU-13/18VK eighteen 45 0-400 / 0-1700 36 /13 Not one.6 6 990
DeWALT DCD777D2T eighteen 65 0-500 / 0-1750 30/13 Not one.Fifteen 15 890
Metabo BS 18 L BL eighteen 60 0-550 / 0-1850 32 /13 Not one.4 21 899
DeWALT DCD991NT eighteen 95 0-450 / 0-1300 / 0-2000 55 /15 There is 2.08 17 450

Dewalt DCD791NT

Relatively inexpensive best.Footed screwdriver will be a successful solution for winter fishing, if you have the opportunity to buy quite capacious batteries. The tool comes without them.

    Equipped with a bronnial engine that improves performance and simplifies maintenance.

  • The power tool is good with a fairly high torque, which is 70 Nm.
  • Light weight of the device. Only 1.5 kg.
  • The device is equipped with a box that will simplify transportation and help maintain the heat of the nutrition elements.
  • If you relate to users for whom in the question of which screwdriver to choose for drilling ice, an additional handle is an important criterion, this model is not suitable for.
  • If you have not used DeWALT wireless equipment before, be prepared to get batteries and charger. These accessories are not included.

Interskol DAU-13/18VK

The main reason that this screwdriver for ice discovery was in today’s rating is a relatively low price. However, the fishermen who paid attention to this product will encounter problems when trying to drill the ice surface of a large thickness.

  • Russian screwdriver has a low price: this is the most affordable power tool for winter fishing in the ranking.
  • Scurget is good at the presence of a blow: this mode will help to inhale a dense thickness.
  • The main minus that this budget screwdriver has for ice discovery is a small indicator of torque. 45 Nm with a recommended minimum of 60 is enough for thin surfaces, however, we recommend that you consider alternatives to work with more durable ice strata in water bodies.
  • The model is not equipped with a battery and charger.

Dewalt DCD777D2T

A good screwdriver for fishing from an American company occupies a well.Deserved place in the review due to compact dimensions, decent configuration and sufficient torque. Quality assembly guarantees that the device will last more than one season.

  • If you want to know what kind of screwdriver to buy for fishing almost in the finished configuration, pay attention to this sample: it comes with two batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah each, which will be enough for the production of 15 holes. The case is also attached: carrying the device to the place of fishing is much easier.
  • Blave for the icebore is good for compact dimensions: unlike bulky analogues, it weighs a little more than a kilogram.
  • Due to the durable gestive engine, the power tool will be useful not only during nature in nature, but also in professional activities.

Metabo BS 18 L BL

The screwdriver from Germany is focused on professional work, as evidenced by the brilliant engine. Despite this, due to the torque, the tool will come in handy and fishermen.

  • Do not know which screwdriver to choose for ice discovery so that it has sufficient performance and does not overheat? This model is equipped.
  • A good screwdriver comes with battery blocks with a capacity of 4 Ah. This is enough to create up to 30 holes.
  • In the presence of analogues with a close value of torque, the screwdriver for ice discovery has a much higher price. If you consider it precisely as fishing inventory, it can scare away.

Dewalt DCD991NT

A screwdriver with a battery for winter fishing is favorably different from other inexpensive analogues with a high torque. An additional handle will help to cope with intensive work.

ALLACTER for ice discovery for a screwdriver

Using the adapter, a screwdriver is ensured with the working part of the device, that is, with the drill. In principle, with the help of such an adapter, you can make a full power tool from any screw intended for manual use. The main thing is to correctly compare the size of these components.

The adapter is equipped with a special shaft from the side of the drill and a hexagonal head for a screwdriver. The parameters can be as follows: the length of the shaft is 6.8 cm, and the gap from the mount to the end is 2.6 cm. In order for the “adapter. Ice.Screw. Screwdriver” scheme to be correctly formed in practice, you should pay attention to the diameters. Again, standard dimensions vary from 1.8 to 2.2 cm. It is advisable to purchase adapters with handles and a special emphasis on protection against falling out. It would seem that any structural addition will reduce the performance of the drill during operation. Nevertheless, avid fishermen note that in work, convenience in handling the device comes to the forefront, and the power of the screwdriver in most cases is enough with excess.

Choosing a brand and a screwdriver model

Surely you want to spend as little money as possible on a screwdriver. In order not to spend too much, I recommend making purchases in a store where the for these units are the lowest. These are all tools.RU. I made the selection of the screwdrivers suitable for us on their website and it is available at this link. Some are afraid of online stores, since there is a risk of sending money to nowhere, as well as a beautiful price can be spoiled by the cost of delivery. It is so? But for all tools.Ru delivery to the point of delivery in your region is free, and you can pay for the goods when receiving it, so you do not risk anything.

You can also make purchases in the online store 220 volts. For delivery, the truth will have to pay a little (200-300r.), but sometimes here you can find something that is not on all.Tools.Ru, and it may also be that the final price tag, taking into account the delivery fee, will turn out lower than that of others. The list of screws suitable for us on the 220 volt website is available at this link.

One of the popular models in 2020. Is AEG BS18C2BL LI-402C. He has a solid moment of 65 nm and batteries for 4 ah. One of the main features is that it is also brilliant, which means that the resource of operating its engine will be much larger than the brush brothers. There is also an expanded warranty of 6 years when buying for all.Tools.RU. To get it, you just need to register a screwdriver on the AEG-PowerTools website.EU. This is done for free.

The Makita DDF458RFE screwed with 91 Nm is also popular, but the batteries here are less capacious. 3 Ah. As you can see, AEG wins the capacity, but Makita’s torque is much higher.

With 5Ach batteries there is an AEG BSB18CBLLI-502C screwdriver. This is essentially the same browned device from AEG, which was considered above, but with more capacious batteries, thanks to which the holes with it will be a little more.

If the above models seem expensive to you, but you still do not want to abandon the idea of ​​drilling ice using a screwdriver, then spit on everything that I wrote above about the battery capacity and an additional handle, and purchase, for example, such apparatus: Bosch GSR 18-2-Li Plus Professional. Yes, with him you are only about 50-70 pcs., since the capacity of his batteries is only 2 ah. It will also have to be kept stronger, since there is no additional handle. But it costs one and a half to two times cheaper. Therefore, those who are not so active on winter fishing are not so active.

All these models of screwdrivers are most optimal. When buying them, you will receive the characteristics necessary for ice drilling, but pay the minimum possible amount without losing the quality. However, no one forbids you to buy a screwdriver with an even greater torque (for example, 100-120 Nm), if funds allow, it will last longer. Therefore, you can look closely at all models from the above links to online stores.

Well, I think the article can be finished on this. I hope that I helped you with the choice. Read my other articles on this site! See you and successful purchase!