Which chainsaw is better for home.

Chainsaw rating 2021-2022: TOP best in price/quality

The main advantages of the STIHL MS 250 chainsaw are compact dimensions and power! She will become ideal assistants in the matters of clearing of sites or processing of trees. Easily copes even with thick logs.

A hand tool has always been an indispensable assistant in any household. The days have gone the past when the logs required two and two.Handed saws for the cut, and the saw process took a lot of time and required certain physical efforts. With the advent of chainsaws, the saw technology has become not only convenient, but also effective thanks to the mobility and independence of the process. Who does not remember the firmica “Friendship”, which was massively produced in the USSR since 1955. The modern market offers many models from various domestic and foreign manufacturers with a wide range of functions. The rating of chainsaws is based on expert reviews and customer reviews.

The five best chainsaws for home and work in the country | MMA welding for beginners

Chainsaws are simply an indispensable assistant in the country, because it is on it that you have to part of the work related to the saws of the trees. In this case, the chainsaw must meet a number of requirements regarding the convenience of work and power.

Surely you will agree with me, but not why take a super.Powerful chainsaw with a long bar in order to cut vegetation on the site once a year. Such a chainsaw will have a large weight, and its “gluttony” of gasoline with butter, it will show on the very first day of use.

For these reasons for the home and cottage, such a chainsaw is needed that will have a “balance” regarding power and weight, as well as other, no less important characteristics. In this review, we have prepared a rating of the best chainsaws for the house, which received only positive reviews from their owners.

Five best chainsaws for home

So, our rating was headed by the following models of the chainsaw:

which, chainsaw, better, home

All of the above chainsaws are characterized by increased comfort, reliability, durability. It is no less important that it is not difficult to find spare parts for these chainsaws, and official dealers and service centers are in almost every region of Russia.

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of the chainsaws from the rating, as well as what exactly they are notable.

Leader among the leaders. The chainsaw of the STIHL MS 180

STIHL chainsaws are incredible popular with their reliability and reliable work. STIHL MS 180 chainsaw again confirms this.

Having compact dimensions, the power of this chainsaw is about 2 liters. With., What is enough in order to cut down a tree or shrub. Having a reduced fuel consumption and relatively high power, this particular chainsaw for the house was given the first place in our rating.

Advantages of the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw:

  • Quick Stop technology, which guarantees a high degree of security;
  • High.Quality and reliable brake of the chain;
  • The ability to access the filter;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • High power;
  • Compact dimensions and small weight.

In general, such a chainsaw as STIHL MS 180 is more than enough for the house. Of course, if you need to bring large trees, then you should look at the chainsaws more powerful and with a longer tire.

Husqvarna 135 Mark II 16

Essential chainsaw, which is designed for rolling small trees. Having compact dimensions and an ergonomic design, the chainsaw of the Husqvarna 135 Mark II 16 can compete even with professional chainsaw models.

Its advantages include not only optimal power (38 kV. Cm), but also increased reliability, and most importantly, this is stable work even with serious loads.

Advantages of the chainsaw Husqvarna 135 Mark II 16:

As for the shortcomings, for such a modest price that the manufacturer of this chainsaw offers, they simply do not. Therefore, if you need a reliable assistant on the site, then we recommend that you take a closer look at this home chainsaw model.

STIHL MS 361 40

The skate of this chainsaw is a supernave engine and a good ignition system. The STIHL MS 361 40 chainsaw has gained wide popularity, and not only among summer residents, but also professional forest rollers.

The power of this chainsaw is as many as 4.6 horses, with a bar length of 40 cm. With all this, the chainsaw of the STIHL MS 361 40 weighs only six kilograms, which is relatively slight for chainsaws of this class and level.

Advantages of the STIHL MS 361 40 chainsaw:

Makita EA7900P70E

What can not be taken from any tool from Makita is reliability and assembly quality. So with the chainsaw Makita EA7900P70E, which is recognized among professionals of their business, the most reliable and reliable chainsaw.

Makita EA7900P70EE is equipped with a high-quality ignition system using EASYSTART technology, it has a high-quality SLR grinder. The power of the tool is about 4.3 kW, which is enough for both home and other needs.

STIHL MS 661 C-M 70

Powerful chainsaw with a long bar. That is how you can characterize the STIHL MS 661 C-M 70 chainsaw in a nutshell. The length of its tire is 63 cm, and the power in the equivalent of 5.4 kW. This is a worthy competitor among semi-professional saws, the budget version of the STIHL MS 661 C-M 70 cannot be called.

At the same time, despite the high power, the chainsaw has a relatively small fuel consumption. It is impossible not to note the presence of an advanced filter element HD2, which guarantees the trouble.Free operation of this tool.

Advantages of the STIHL MS 661 C-M 70 chainsaw:

The disadvantages of this chainsaw can only be attributed to a decent weight, taking into account this length of the bar. Therefore, for the house, this chainsaw is not always suitable, although much here and depends on what kind of complexity it will have to be done.

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Reliable chainsaw for giving

All reliable chainsaws are in the middle and high price range. The cheapest chainsaws by definition cannot be high.Quality. Cheap price means radical savings at the cost of materials, components and assembly quality. The cheapest materials are often used, which are not suitable for these purposes for their properties.

You can buy the cheapest chainsaw in the calculation that she will have to work only a few hours a year, so it will serve. But this is not so. Such low.Quality chainsaws can collapse over time, even if they just lie and do not work at all. What exactly happens to them:

  • It dries and loses the plasticity made of inappropriate plastic membrane inside the carburetor. Chainsaws are out of order.
  • The fuel lines of the fuel line become fragile and brittle, when the engine is launched, they can crumble from vibration.
  • Gasoline remaining in the chainsaw (in the tank, hoses and carburetor) can dissolve cheap plastic. Even if the tightness remains, the chainsaws when launch on fuel with an admixture of plastic will fail.

Even the plastic of the case on such poor.Quality chainsaws can over time change the properties and become fragile from UV radiation (sunlight).

In addition to breakdowns in passive mode without work, such chainsaws will surely present the owner with many unpleasant surprises during work. Any knot can break at any time.

Most often, such obviously defective chainsaws are counterfeit, fakes for well.Known brands Husqvarna, STIHL, and others, as well as a chainsaws of unknown origin with unfamiliar brands.

Reliable chainsaw for cottage should be sold in stores certified branded brands and cost from 5 thousand. Rub. And higher.

For a summer residence, you can confidently recommend the chainsaw of Husqvarna 135.

At a power of 2.0 liters.C (1.47 kW) Husqvarna 135 weighs only about 4.4 kg due to the inclusion in the aluminum alloys of the engine of a certain amount of ultra.Light magnesium. Therefore, it is more convenient to work with her at a height when cutting twigs or during the construction of roofs.

It is more economical than many analogues in capacity by about 20 %, which over time affects saving on gasoline and oil.

However, in practice, the Husqvarna 135 chainsaw can be left in the barn in the shed at the cottage with gasoline in the tank, and in the spring it will easily start and will work properly, as if it was used only yesterday.

This is a reliable chainsaw. With small volumes of work, it can serve for decades. But like any even the best chainsaw, Husqvarna 135 has disadvantages. The carburetor does not provide for the adjustment of the idle speed. Factory adjustment is displayed at maximum low speeds. From this:

  • Husqvarna 135 can stall at idle, which interferes with work.
  • Any chainsaw is started at idle, and since the Husqvarna 135 is extremely low, it can be started not from 2-3 starter jerks, like others, but from 3-4.

The position of the thrust and lever of the throttle can easily be adjusted on your own and increase minimal idle speeds, but this is a separate topic. And this should be the problem of the manufacturer, not the user.

Nevertheless, Husqvarna 135 is a proven in practice by many users, reliable and hardy chainsaws with the best technical characteristics for giving. However, this is not the only option at all.

Best Chinese chainsaws

Chinese chainsaws are very different in quality. But the units of most famous brands have established themselves as reliable and functional tools. There are many quality, while inexpensive chain saw models.

Fubag FPS-37

Household chainsaw with a capacity of 1,500 watts. The main purpose of the unit is cutting and sawing small trees, processing of boards and timber. It has compact dimensions and high maneuverability, which allows you to use it on top, take it on hikes. Equipped with the function of quick adjustment of the chain tension without using a special tool.

The engine resource is increased due to the presence of many holes on the saw housing that contribute to air passage and engine cooling.

Patriot Pt 445

A universal chain saw with a capacity of 2150 W is suitable for standard work in the garden: firewood harvesting, cutting branches, rolling of small trees, etc.P. The weight of the unit is only 6 kg, which provides light control. Adjustment of the speed of rotation of the circuit and inertial braking are provided, which instantly works when pressure on the shield.

The advantage of the chainsaw is a professional air filter air filter. The design is integrated into the design of the fuel pumping into the carburetor, thanks to which the “cold” launch of the unit is produced. Acomatic functions include vibration protection.

Champion 237-16

High.Performance chainsaws with a capacity of 1,500 watts quickly and effectively celebrates all types of household work, including the roll of small diameter trees and the processing of building materials. The design provides for the mechanisms of a quick start, adjustable automatic oil supply. Fast access to the air filter and motor mechanism is provided, which facilitates their maintenance.

The main advantage of the model is the heating of the carburetor, which ensures the performance of the tool at negative temperatures of the medium.

Carver PSG-52-18

Household chainsaws with a capacity of 1900 W is designed to clear the thickets on the house territory and process wood materials. Equipped with all the functions characteristic of modern chain tools. A feature of the model is the Quick Start system, which compensates for the strength of the engine opposition and facilitates its launch.

It is characterized by a high level of safety due to the presence of an inertial brake, the mechanism of blocking the start button, and toothed emphasis. Has a vibration ditching mechanism.

Bort BBK-2220

The capacity of the saw is 1900 watts, which, when accounting for the length of the tire of 45 cm, allows it to be used for work both in the personal plot and in small construction. Subject to safety regulations can be applied in logging. Equipped with a quick starting system, starts at any temperature.

It is equipped with a set of tools necessary for independent maintenance of the unit. The emphasis is also attached.

Diold PCB-2-55-18

The power of the chainsaw engine is 2200 watts. The tool is designed for sawing wood materials in everyday life. It is equipped with all the necessary mechanisms for high.Quality and quick execution of the functions assigned to it.

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Carefully thought out security architecture. A chain capture, a special protective shield, an inertial brake is installed on the case to prevent return. The system of effective damping of oscillations is also provided.


A very young company, which has existed for a little more than ten years, offers the products of Chinese factories. A different gas.Tool, in particular a chainsaw. Of course, Champion is difficult to compare with “monsters” such as Husqvarna or STIHL, but she has an undoubted advantage. Price: for 5-8 thousand rubles you can purchase an inexpensive saw for a summer residence and garden. There are about a dozen chainsaws in the assortment, and almost everyone has a price of less than 20 thousand rubles. Of course, neither the professional nor even about the farm class is to talk about.

The products of this company received diametrically opposite user reviews. The fault becomes heterogeneous, like most inexpensive Chinese.Made chainsaws, product quality. In some cases, the cause of negativity is high expectations of customers. Nevertheless, according to the totality of indicators, as a tool for rare use in the country house, Champion saw can be a good solution.

The selection of an expert

Echo CS-4200S-15 1890 W/2.57 l.With

Excellent option for wood files. Copes the tool with light construction garbage. The chainsaw is quite light, it is easy to control. Japanese assembly is considered one of the best, high.Quality material material confirms this. One of the main advantages is the lack of problems with consumables. The device does not stall, does not scroll, starts instantly.

38 cm length tire and a reliable engine with 1890 W help to provide high performance. For a more reliable fixation of the saw in the tool, a toothed emphasis is provided.

Users of chainsaws always have questions about the start of work: chainsaws are not always started the first time. A light start system is also provided immediately, and a heated carburetor allows you to provide it even in cold weather. The speed of work is achieved, including thanks to the circuit automatic lubrication system, and the inertial circuit brake ensures safety during operation. It also provides for it to block from random inclusion.


Model from a well.Known manufacturer of this kind of tools. According to users, it is suitable for wood files, suitable for construction work. A chainsaw is started from half a turnover. Thanks to a lightweight start when starting, you do not need to make a lot of effort. The details of the mechanism are reliable, you can easily remove the tire, clean it and put it back.


Strong and powerful saw. He performs his work with high quality, saws absolutely everything and even ice. Buyers do not complain about malfunctions in mechanisms. There are much more positive reviews on this model than negative. The model starts from the first or second time. If you get used to it, there will be no problems.


A saw that differs not the largest price in the market. However, the device works properly. It starts almost immediately, with proper power settings, it copes well even with thick logs. There is a chain of good quality in the set. Among the functions there is a circuit brake that contributes to greater safety during use.


Chainsaw has high power. According to users, she has a pleasant and convenient launch. The device functions reliably and efficiently, does not stall during work. The adjustment of the circuit is very convenient, cleaning the filter also does not cause problems. It saws logs with a diameter of up to 50 cm, with intensive use it works quickly and is ready to cope with a large number of firewood or other lumber.


There are enough pluses in this chainsaw. The quality of materials, assembly, power, adjustment of the chain on the side. The chain includes reliable, replacement does not require. Owners of such an apparatus note economical fuel consumption. A device has been made in Germany, where they can produce quality tools. Even outwardly the model looks solid. Nothing dangles, it seems reliable.


This model is in good account by users. It is distinguished by powerful and reliable work and the fact that it starts without any problems. The engine is two.Stroke, with air cooling. The ergonomic and safe handle contributes to the convenience of work, and the adjustable automatic oil pump with a spring system for extinguishing vibrations. Reducing the load on the hands of the operator for more comfortable operation.


One of the most affordable market options. The tool is positioned as household, also suitable for any garden work with moderate use. The settings of the chainsaw is good. A chain, a tire, a protective casing, a fuel container, keys and a file. As users note, for their money the model is perfect.


Babakers have good performance. This is heard by sound and can be seen by the result. It can be used both in household chores and take with you to nature, where, for example, you need to gain firewood. The vibration is low. Yes, maybe this is not a universal apparatus in the market, but for use not in professional affairs of lumberjacks it will fit.


The model is distinguished by small fuel consumption, which will allow the user to save his money. It is light and convenient in operation. Great chainsaw is suitable, for example, to clean the site from small trees and plants. It will help great when harvesting firewood for the winter. It starts up without problems.


Another interesting model in our ranking. It is suitable for both households and for production conditions. The saw can be safely used in the furniture workshop, and very intensively. With not the strongest trees, she will also cope perfectly. Basil is also suitable for harvesting firewood. The cut goes without effort and pressure.


engine’s type petrol
Power 2100 W / 2.85 l. With.
The step of the chain 0.325 inches
Tire length 45 cm
Rotational speed 13500 rpm
Engine capacity 49.3 cubic meters. Cm
Fuel tank capacity 0.55 l
The capacity of the oil tank 0.26 l
Noise level 116 dB
The weight 5.2 kg (without tire and chain with empty tanks)
Warranty 1 year

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Top 4 best household chainsaws for giving

In domestic conditions, chainsaws are usually used in the country, for example, for cutting boards, woodwork or trimming garden trees. In 2021, four devices were recognized as the highest quality.

Makita EA3202S-40

This chainsaw of the famous Japanese manufacturer belongs to the middle price category, But at the same time, it allows you to perform a wide range of work in the garden and in the personal plot.

The increased cost is explained by the fact that the Makita brand is very carefully monitored by the quality of its tool and guarantees long.Term operation. The device is equipped with a unique SafetyMatic system, which provides an instant engine stop.

The manufacturer also provided the tool with the unique Easy-Start system, which allows you to quickly and easily start a chainsaw.

The device also provides a unique vibration system, which significantly reduces discomfort during operation.


  • Reliable proven manufacturer;
  • Very high.Quality and neat assembly;
  • The handle of an ergonomic shape is convenient to hold in your hands;
  • Suitable power for household operation;
  • Quickly and easily start.

Champion 125T-10

Inexpensive chainsaw is equipped with a two.Stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 0.95 Horse power.

In comparison with professional and semi.Professional devices, this model is not very powerful, but for cutting firewood, cutting old trees or performing simple construction work, it is quite enough. The saw is equipped with a small tank for 230 ml.

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Despite a small amount of fuel, it will be quite enough to perform garden work.

For launch, a convenient manual starter is provided, which works from electronic ignition. There is also a system of air cooling.

It reliably protects the engine from overheating, but the manufacturer does not recommend using the saw longer than the time indicated in the instructions.

Ryobi 40-Volt 18″ Chainsaw Review Model RY40508 | Faster Than Milwaukee Saw! | RYOBI’s G.O.A.T.

The chainsaw case is equipped with an optimal balancing system, thanks to which a chainsaw can be controlled by one hand.


  • Democratic value;
  • Due to the balancing of the case, it is convenient to hold the saw with one hand;
  • Very high.Quality materials and assembly;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Practically does not vibrate.


High.Quality and functional chainsaws have the optimal power for application at home.

Since a well.Known company is engaged in the release of the device, the tool is characterized by the highest quality, thoughtful functionality and safe operation.

The case is made of durable and wear.Resistant materials, and the fuel tank contains up to 250 ml of fuel.

This amount of gasoline is enough for several approaches of the device.

Of the additional functions that provide safe operation, the circuit brake and the anti.Vibration system are provided.

The first option allows you to instantly stop the engine, and the second reduces the level of vibration of the case to the indicators comfortable for the user.


  • Quickly and qualitatively cuts logs of medium thickness;
  • Low weight;
  • Quick, light and almost instant launch;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • High.Quality fuel and oil tank.

The best chainsaws for home and cottage

This category is represented by household class models and everyday work that are available to any homeowner.

Patriot Pt 4518

A general purpose tool with a capacity of 2.9 liters.C, originally focused on the implementation of the short.Term drabage work in the construction and economic sphere. The 450 mm tire drive is realized by the traction properties of the 45 cubic engine.

Budget at a price (only 8,000 rubles) of the saw is equipped with modern and effective launch systems, lubrication of loaded units and safety.

In the list of operational equipment:

  • Automatic dosage of chain lubrication;
  • Inertial inclusion of emergency stop brake;
  • Good balance and modern tool design in general.

Husqvarna 240

Household model of an eminent brand with a capacity of 2 liters.With. And a cubature of a 32.2 cm3 gas.Resistant drive contains engineering solutions characteristic of a semi.Professional model range in its design. The tool is equipped with an economical and environmentally friendly carburetor drive developed using X-TorQ technology.

In the list of constructive features:

  • Effective vibro.Tag of the LowVib type;
  • Rubber anti.Slip lobs on the handles;
  • The simplest and most effective injector air purification system Air Injection;
  • Wrapped control of the carburetor throttle and the inclusion of “Stop” mode.

In terms of improvement, the primer and an inertial switch of emergency braking mechanism were finalized.

which, chainsaw, better, home

Makita EA3202S40B

The famous Japanese brand is produced in China. One of the most successful branded developments received a modern economical 32-cow engine with a capacity of 1.8 liters.With.

The length of the 400 mm headset allows you to work with business and construction wood with a section of 350 mm or more.

Structurally, the tool provides:

  • Minimum parameters of vibration and noise pressure;
  • The one.Rod control of the main work functions convenient for the operator;
  • Long time of the overhaul resource;
  • Easy restart of the engine due to Memory-Power-Ignition technology.

Echo CS-350WES-14

Japanese saw Echo of the CS-350WES-14 series in basic parameters is identical to the best analogues of the European assortment.

  • The domestic class model according to the level of equipment and operational reliability can apply for semi.Professional status.
  • With its own mass of 3.68 kg, the saw is activated by a 2 strong engine of high power, with a cylinder capacity of 35.8 cm3. The kit includes a corporate saw with an elongated guide tire.
  • The cost of the tool is 18,000 rubles.

This indicator is compensated by a complete set of modern equipment. In stock, the semi.Automatic drive by the carburetor damper, a device for controlling the bypass valves of the engine and a three.Cup clutch clutch.

Hitachi CS 33 EB

The Japanese brand is produced at a high.Tech Chinese state enterprise. This model worth from 12,000 rubles is one of the best in its power category.

  • Light and comfortable in the work of a household class is operating on a standard 1.68 strong economical and environmentally friendly engine with a volume of only 32.2 cm3.
  • The tool is equipped with professional headset that provides a given performance when working with problematic, dense or frozen raw wood.

Many popular models of European brands serve as a base for the production of chainsaw falsifications. With an independent purchase of the selected saw, it is recommended to use the services of branded trade organizations, including representatives of dealerships.

I just went to see which models were included in the list of the best chainsaws for 2019, and was very pleasantly surprised when I found STIHL MS 361 here. It’s nice because I myself am the owner of this device. I chose this particular model, because I was looking for something professional, capable of working 12-16 hours a day (I myself do a roll of trees, so such a huge amount of time). The price, of course, bites a little, especially if you compare with other professional chainsaws, but I have been familiar with this company for a long time, so I was 100% sure of the quality. For me, a huge plus of this saw is its rather low weight compared to others, since hands do not get tired. Therefore, if you are looking for something light and mega cool in work, this is definitely your option.

Chinese enterprises are now everywhere ahead of the planet, even my drank from this rating like Japanese, but is made on Chinese land. In this quality is amazing, the tire is easily tuned, the chain never dangles, which creates absolute lightness during operation. The equipment is excellent, nothing breaks, even on frozen wood and at low temperature is kept well. One moment was with a blow, a fall from the car, a strong roar, but all that was damaged is the handle. Starting the first time. The oil consumes steadily, monitor the heating, I let it relax, albeit reliable, but you should not torment. Price, of course children, such analogues in the region of 20 and above are worth.

I do not advise buying a BP-2600/18U caliber, broke down half a year later, while I used it inactively (I sawed the boards in the summer. Plus I used the other three months on trifles). DDE CS2512 is really light, it does not take up much space, the price in stores is about 6,000 thousand, and on the Internet you can find for 5000 However, it works unstable, made very free, moreover, it is attached to one bolt. From the entire list, the best version of the chainsaw is DAEWOO DACS4516, the cost varies from 6,000 to 10,000 thousand. Compact, made high quality, stable work. Dry logs cuts with ease.

Top 15 of the best chainsaws for home and cottage. Criteria for evaluation

With the independent choice of the tool, it is taken into account:

  • The real cost of the chainsaw;
  • Efficiency and traction characteristics of the drive;
  • Level of technical equipment;
  • In some cases. The maintainability and interchangeability of spare parts with the same developments of other brands.

Marketing analysis shows that a good inexpensive chainsaw in the main parameters meets the needs of ordinary inhabitants, agricultural farms, forestry and parking services.

In the general opinion, the best chainsaw for home and cottage is an economical, simple in design, comfortable in work and the durable model of a popular brand with a capacity of one and a half to three horsepower. Budget chainsaws, due to its limited capabilities, are most often bought to perform one.Time dismantling or construction work.

Top 10 of the best chainsaws published in the information field consists of new models of brands Stil, Khuskvarn and Hitachi, known for the impeccable quality of their products. The chainsaw test of these manufacturers proved their full compliance with the declared service and operational requirements.

The list also contains several popular tools of brands Alpina a 3700 and DAEWOO. According to experts, these development data in the rating “The Best Chainsaws of 2018” will take leading places.

The proposed assortment of benzomotor saws of different brands can be divided into 5 groups.

If the consumer needs to choose an inexpensive device, it is better to contact the rating. 5 optimal models with a stable case, positive reviews, different sizes and performance have been highlighted. They are usually used in small summer cottages.

Energoprom PCB-20/3000 3000 WT

Reliable Russian-made chainsaw with a gray-red case and a capacity of 3000 W. It works at 1 speed, designed for sawing wood with different hardness. It is used for household and construction work.

If the user needs the best chainsaw for home use, this model is suitable. During the review, minor disadvantages were revealed.

  • Small size;
  • Low price;
  • Purpose for semi.Professional use;
  • Powerful engine volume;
  • Durable, reliable, unbroken chains;
  • The average volume of a two.Stroke engine;
  • Comfortable work at the expense of the ergonomic handle;
  • Safe operation with a reduced risk of injury.
  • Lack of light starting function;
  • The impossibility of working with one hand;
  • Lack of non.Clock adjustment functions of the chain tension.

Parma Practitioner BP 045/15

The model is designed for trimming branches and rolls of trees with a small volume of the barrel. The composition has a powerful engine, air cooling. Thanks to the starter, a light starting system can start work instantly.

It is enough to pour gasoline into a small window. Usually this saw is used to cut firewood and boards.

  • Minimum weight;
  • The possibility of domestic use in the country or garden plot;
  • Powerful engine volume;
  • Easy launch function;
  • Regulation of the chain lubrication system;
  • There is no vibration during operation;
  • Durable material of the case, engine, chains;
  • The presence of a fuel pump, thanks to which the engine starts instantly;
  • Rubber handle, which is convenient to keep the device.
  • Lack of function of work with one hand;
  • Rapid consumption of gasoline fuel;
  • A short period of work, which is why the device cannot be used on an industrial scale.

Sturm! GC9912 1.6 l.With

Reliable chainsaw designed to work on a garden plot or cottage. It is made in an unusual style, the case has a light blue color. Many users choose this particular model due to the possibility of working with one hand.

A small device is highly performance when using the minimum fuel volume. The model quickly starts, it weighs little, so it is included in the top of the best chainsaws for the house.

which, chainsaw, better, home
  • Minimum weight with a powerful engine volume;
  • Average noise;
  • The function of work with one hand;
  • High.Quality two.Stroke engine, the presence of a primer for pumping fuel into a carburetor;
  • Quick launch of a cold engine;
  • Automatic lubrication of the chain to prevent premature wear.

Carver Hobby HSG 152-18 1900 W/2.6 l.With

Classic, reliable chainsaw. Quickstart is included in the operation system, so the engine begins to work quickly, without damage.

The device is powerful, performs its tasks well, has a small price tag.

  • Quick launch even in cold climatic conditions due to the presence of fuel pump;
  • Durable material of the body that is not subject to corrosion;
  • The quick launch system,
  • Simple access to filter elements;
  • Regulation of the lubrication of the chain to prevent Rapid wear;
  • Elimination of vibration.
  • A large weight that makes it difficult to use;
  • There is no non.Clock adjustment of the chain tension;
  • A short period of use without overheating.

One. P.I.T. GCS-52-D 2200 W/3 l.With.

Inexpensive, but high.Quality model is designed for firing forests, grinding. It quickly starts, has an automatic lubricant system.

This is the best chainsaw, designed for home use. A reliable device prevents the appearance of random injuries for owners.

  • Small size and weight;
  • Semi.Professional purpose, convenient for a summer cottage;
  • Average engine volume, noise level, chain step;
  • The presence of a light launch system;
  • Chrome cylinder, durable headset;
  • Economical fuel consumption thanks to the reduction valve.

The main characteristics of the chainsaws

The rating of gasoline saws is supplemented by the technical characteristics of each presented model. At the same time, we understand that not all readers have encountered the choice of such equipment earlier. To make it easier for beginners to make a choice, we will reveal the influence of the main parameters on the work of the chainsaw:

  • Power. It is this characteristic of the chainsaws that will help determine the optimal ratio of price and quality. The higher it is, the more loads the tool you selected will cope. A high power value will help to cut thick trunks or blanks, work with solid wood wood. It should be borne in mind that the indicator affects the weight and dimensions of technology (the higher the power, the heavier the engine), as well as the volume of fuel consumption.
  • Tire length. The longer the tire, the larger the objects you can saw. It is generally accepted that it is most comfortable to cut blanks, the thickness or diameter of which is half the length of the tire. It is important to consider that large equipment can only be installed on equipment with appropriate power. Just put a meter tire on a budget tool will not work: the engine will not cope with the load.
  • Engine capacity. The characteristic indicates the intensity of fuel consumption and maximum power level. With an increase in the volume of the engine, the mass of the gas tools increases, the complexity of its maintenance and operation.
  • The step of the chain. As a rule, chains with 0.375 and 0.325 inches are installed on semi.Professional or inexpensive chains of the house. If the tool is focused on professional operation, it is equipped with a saw element with a step of 0.404 inches. The indicator directly affects the efficiency of sawing and the strength of oscillations during operation: the smaller the step, the slower the work is and below the volume of vibration.
  • Weight. The indicator directly affects the level of comfort when operating chainsaws: a device with low weight is much easier to work for a long time. The same applies to high.Rise work: it is obvious that a light saw will better prove itself in hard.To.Reach areas.

Which chainsaw to choose and what to pay attention to when buying

In large construction stores you can find a wide range of chainsaws. All presented models are divided into 3 categories:

These groups are formed depending on the power of the engine of one or another gasoline saw.

Let’s figure out how the chainsaws differ from each other, and also determine what to pay attention to if you are going to buy this tool:

  • Tire (namely its length). The larger it is, the deeper you can cut the wood. Household saws have tires 30-40 cm long, that is, for a complete cut of thick logs will have to approach it from two sides. Saws of other categories are able to cope with the same log in just one entry.

The length of the tire should clearly correspond not only to the class of the tool, but also its power. The fact is that it affects the engine. The longer the tire, the greater the load on the motor. Household tires are equipped with low.Power engines, and therefore there is a risk that the device will simply overheat and fail.

which, chainsaw, better, home
  • Chain. They differ in such characteristics as: the height of the profile, the shape of the teeth, the step. A small step reduces the degree of vibration, but the quality of the saw. After some time, the chain may stretch, but the length can be adjusted (using a screw or manually). Ordinary chains have a length up to 40 cm. If you have to carry out work on a roll or cut of thick trunks, then this value should be from 50 cm and above.
  • Vibration protection, which leads to fatigue of the hands and pain in the muscles of the master. Anti.Vibration system allows you to get rid of such problems. For example, you can install a gasket made of rubber between the body and the handle. In order to reduce vibration, professional models provide an accurate ratio of engine weight and all other details.
  • Reverse shock protection, which is present when working with solid materials. As a result of a reverse blow, injuries are possible. To protect against this, a special button is installed on the handle or body of the device, instantly stopping the circuit. Some models also have an additional button that prevents accidental turning on the device. An additional shield is provided so that the wizard’s hands do not contact with the mechanism of the chainsaw when it is in work. It is installed at the end of the unit.
  • Engine. Perhaps one of the main characteristics. The higher the power of the motor, the easier it is to achieve the goals set before it. Household saws have a power of up to 2 kW (volume-up to 40 cm3), semi-professional-2-3 kW (40-60 cm3), professional-from 3 kW (from 60 cm3). A reliable, durable and high.Quality engine has a piston system with 2 compression rings, forged crankshaft, metal crankcase, cylinder walls covered with chromium.
  • Weight. Even at the same power, the devices can have different weights. The mass is affected by the design of the device, characteristics, parts and volume of the tank. The most difficult are Chinese models. Average weight-3-6 kg. If a woman is engaged in work, then preference should be given to a group of amateur apparatuses with lightweight and weak vibration.
  • Air filter. Dust protection provides a saw more long work without repair.
  • Fuel consumption. The most economical are the models of the household class, and professional devices consume gasoline most of all. The larger the volume of the fuel tank in the chainsaw, the greater the fuel consumption.
  • Type of lubrication mechanism. More convenient, of course, automatic.
  • Additional options: Heating of pens, compensator, tuning for oil supply, primer, heating the carburetor.

The resource of the chainsaw is directly dependent on the master who uses it. It is necessary to properly distribute the loads, give the tool to “relax”. The chainsaw must be carefully and carefully care for so that it lasts longer. As a rule, the tires are enough for two chains, and a simple chain withstands 2-3 sharpening. The duration of the “life” of the engine will be greater if you prepare the fuel mixture in completely accurate proportions and from the recommended fuel.

In the table you will see how domestic, professional and professional chainsaws differ from each other, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The best inexpensive chainsaws for home and cottage

The rating of inexpensive chainsaws included models:

  • Huter BS-45M 2300 W;
  • Champion 125T-10 700 W/0.95 l.With;
  • Patriot PT 5220 Imperial 2500 W/3.4 l.With;
  • Carver Hobby HSG 152-18 1900 W/2.6 l.With.

Tool for rare and careful operation with a limited budget. Needs careful maintenance, often in repair. Inexpensive chainsaws are used usually three to five seasons depending on the activity of operation.

1st place Huter BS-45M 2300 W

  • Tire length 40 cm
  • Chain step 3/8 inch
  • Engine volume 45 cubic meters. Cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: anti.Vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 70/6/4
  • Weight 7 kg

The rating of budget models is opened by German development with a powerful engine placed in a compact building. His traction force will be enough to bite logs up to 65 cm thick. Unlike analogues, a single.Cylinder engine needs an oil bosinzin mixture in a ratio of 1 to 40. The star assumes part of the load, facilitating the operation of the engine. For uniform wear of the tire, it is rotated through the same time intervals. Air filter cover is fixed with lamb.

  • Reliable grip;
  • Random launch blocking;
  • The zeeper will protect the operator in the event of a rupture of the saw headset;
  • Complex, as a beginner, tire installation;
  • The end tensioner of the chain.

2 place Champion 125T-10 700 W/0.95 l.With

  • Tire length 25 cm
  • Chain step 3/8 inch
  • The engine volume is 25.4 cubic meters. Cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: circuit brake
  • Weight 3.2 kg

Very small and light chainsaw for household and country needs. Engine power and revolutions are designed for the processing of wood of any density and structure. The length of the bus is selected so that it is convenient to hold the chainsaw above the head while the garden is ennobled. High-quality metal and heat treatment for a long time retain the geometry of the saw-like headset. The blocker will prevent unintentional launch of the chain. The saw is also perfect for trips to nature with the family, it will not take up much space in the trunk. With its help, you can easily saw firewood from a foller, make a Roman candle and much more. This tank is 230 grams of fuel mixture.

They also praise the saw when arranging a rafter system of a cottage or a country house.

3 place Patriot PT 5220 Imperial 2500 W/3.4 l.With

  • Tire length 50 cm
  • Chain step 0.325 inches
  • Engine volume 52 cubic meters. Cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: anti.Vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 220105575

A powerful saw with a two.Stroke engine with an enlarged motor. It is launched from slight effort thanks to the Easy Start system. Lids of inertial brakes and starter poured out of a magnesium alloy. The anti.Vibration system reduces the load on the hands, prolonging the work session. The security of the operator is increased by the chain capture, an inertial brake, a fuse from a random start and a shield. Filter and candle are served without tools. Peculiarities:

  • Lightweight launch of the motor;
  • Multi.Level operator protection;
  • Automatic oil supply;
  • Side tension of the chain;
  • Nimble access to candle and air filter.

4th place Carver Hobby HSG 152-18 1900 W/2.6 l.With

  • Tire length 45 cm
  • Chain step 0.325 inches
  • Engine volume 52 cubic meters. Cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: Anti.Vibration
  • Modification 01.004.00041
  • Weight 5.06 kg

A tool with a long tire for periodic cutting logs with a diameter of up to 75 cm. Owners advise doing this more often with an eye on the price. Equipped with advanced security mechanisms: engine brake in the case of a reverse impact, launching lock. Rubbed handles provide a reliable grip with frozen hands and prevent the transfer of vibrations from the motor to the operator. Fuel pump facilitates the engine starting.

  • Long tire for sawing large trees;
  • Instrumental chain tension;
  • Work at low temperatures;
  • Complex in the back of the cover.

For the garden and sawing firewood for barbecue, the cheapest chainsaw is enough. The harvesting of firewood, lumber, construction, regular sawing and manufacture of garden sculptures requires a powerful tool from an eminent manufacturer.

Which chainsaw to buy for home: Specialist tips

Which chainsaw to buy for use at home? When choosing, it is recommended to consider the following recommendations:

  • First of all, to determine the front of the work for which the saw and bought. You should not purchase “professional” models if the tool is not planned to be used almost every day. It will be a waste of money.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the presence of a system of extinguishing vibrations. Returns are the main problem of all saw. Which chainsaw will be better in this regard? The one who at high speeds does not have a noticeable rattling of the body (you can look at the starter handle).
  • If they do not plan to use the saw regularly, then it is desirable that it contains a primer (a valve for pumping fuel). This greatly simplifies the start of the engine.