Backing pad for angle grinder how to use

BAUMESSER Centrum PRO Angle grinder base plate 100 mm x M14

BAUMESSER Centrum PRO Support plate for angle grinder 100 mm x M14 for turtles


BAUMESSER Centrum PRO angle grinder base plate 100 mm x M14

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Some general information

An angle grinder or angle grinder, better known as an angle grinder, is a versatile tool for a variety of tasks:

  • coarse and fine wood sanding;
  • polishing, surface cleaning;
  • bark removal, sawing branches off trees;
  • Cutting boards, chipboard, fibreboard, logs.

Such richness of tasks to be solved makes the angle grinder the most versatile of all grinders. it is called angular because the axes of the motor and the working wheel are at right angles to each other, unlike machines with a straight.

In this case, the angle grinder is a tool precisely for periodic work around the house, small repairs, replacement of flooring. The attachment discs allow you to cut, sharpen, grind workpieces. Regular woodworking, profit-driven production requires tools in the professional category.

Types of cutting bits for sanding wood angle grinder

Sanding a board with an angle grinder is one of the main tasks in which this tool is used. From the master requires special care, because wood. the material is fibrous. To avoid the appearance of barbs, splinters, large scattering of chips is required not only reliable fixation of the workpiece, but also special nozzles: standard diamond cutters are not suitable. The work is performed by special sanding nozzles.

For rough machining

The primary processing of wooden products is carried out by sanding discs of these types:

  • Deburring. This type of nozzle is used to remove old, hard to clean coating from the workpiece: varnish, dried paint. Over the entire area of the disk there are bristles of steel wire.
  • Cord brushes. After the initial roughing, the wood surface is smoothed and smoothed with wire brushes or stiff wire strands in a horizontal or perpendicular pattern.

For grinding and polishing

After the initial roughing, the wood is ground and polished. The following types of discs are used for this purpose:

  • Petal. The most famous and common type of attachments on an angle grinder. The disk looks like a flower with long thin petals, which are used as abrasive material. Petal bits wear out slowly. As you sand gradually, it is best to change from coarse abrasives to fine abrasives.
  • Gummy abrasive discs. Velcroed to the round metal head of the angle grinder. The set comes standard with several wheels. usually five. A worn disc is easily removed from the nozzle and replaced with a new one. The abrasive wheel includes sandpaper, felt, sponge, and high-density cloths.

Cutting wheels

Cutting-off wheels are used for cutting in wood with angle grinders. They are made of tungsten carbide, a highly durable powdered material because cutting work requires great durability. Cutting wheels for stone, metal or ceramics should not be used with wood. The consequences can be disastrous: the wooden workpiece will be damaged, the disc will break, the angle grinder itself will burn out.

In addition to diameter and cutting depth, the shape of the teeth is a key criterion for the classification of cutting wheels:

  • Straight. for soft wood;
  • Alternately beveled. for all types of wood;
  • trapezoidal. for fiberboard, medium-density chipboard, laminate.

If you look at the cutting disc, you immediately notice notches along the circumference or slots.

Cutting discs with different teeth and cuts

This is a special design solution to prevent the material from overheating. For example, when working with stone or metal, water cooling is used, but it is not applicable for wood. Therefore, the manufacturers have done everything in advance to minimize the risk of overheating the wheel.

Important! On all modern grinders standard diameter of the shaft is 22.2 mm, on older models this size can be smaller or larger. On a smaller diameter shaft, you can put a cutting wheel, using the adapter adapter, but on a large shaft to install a disk of this type can not.

Backing pads for 125 mm angle grinders


Rubber support pads are used to hold the flexible sandpaper when performing sanding work with angle grinders and polishers.Their inner working surface consists of many micro hooks that mesh with the micro loops of the quick-grinding wheel, creating a tight contact. Velcro clasp on the backing pad of angle grinder and drill is justified; a craftsman needs only a couple of seconds to change the consumable for another one, and the flexible abrasive does not fly off even at 6000 rpm during processing.The minimum number of sole hooks is about 10000 cycles, and the loops of sandpaper only a few dozen, so the plates have a high service life.

Size range and construction.

Like angle grinders, these tools are divided into 125, 150, 180 and 230 mm diameters. But the design itself is the same for all. In the center of the plastic base is a thickening, which includes a sleeve with an internal thread M14 for fixation on the shaft of the angle grinder or polisher.On the back side there is a self-tapping Velcro covering and its diameter is always 5-8 mm larger than the base. And between them there is a shock-absorbing layer of microporous rubber or polyurethane.Depending on the purpose of the sanding pad: work on flat surfaces (sheets) or in relief (pipes and complex-shaped parts), this layer can be from 3 to 12 mm.The plastic rubber layer makes the backing pad adhere better to the surface and prevents the work side from warping on impact or improper storage.

disadvantages of cheap tooling.

Visually, all soles look the same. But the quality of used materials can vary. Better backing pads hold replacement discs more securely and have high edge wear, because whether we like it or not, the protruding part is always in contact with the inside of the workpiece when sanding corners.An inexpensive sole will have worse springing properties of the cushioning layer. And if you put for a long time on its working side with self-locking side a heavy object, then the arisen depression can not align and remain forever.

Testimonial: Zubr footplate for angle grinder. Polishing tool

I bought a multi-functional nozzle for my tool, it can be used like an angle grinder. angle grinder with adjustable speed and for a rotary sander with drill function. Since this attachment has a special adapter to work with a drill.

Such a platter I do not like to work through the drill, when processing the surface it pulls somewhere to the side.

But the angle grinder is another matter, and it is more convenient to hold in your hand, and the surface is better processed. In general, there is one disadvantage when working with a drill, but otherwise all is fine.

The plate under the small angle grinder with a diameter of 125mm, on such a plate you can hook the sandpaper, as well as and fur tips for polishing.

It comes with a lanyard to fix it on the plate so it does not twist.

Such plates are even without velcro, such as at this plate there is a red velcro, to attach different attachments with velcro.

So why buy a second one without velcro, especially for polishing inserts with fur.

This plate can be used universally for both sanding and polishing surfaces. Quality product, I really liked working with it.

This is another useful attachment that expands the scope of use of the angle grinder. After all, grooves are always made when building a house with masonry walls. They are also created during major repairs.

Important! For use as a grommet cutter is suitable angle grinder with a minimum power of 1200 watts. When installing discs for cutting concrete with a power tool it is possible to make furrows of the desired width in walls, ceilings and floors.

Each joint is created by cutting two parallel cavities in the building structures of the house. Therefore, a feature of the device is the installation of two working disc elements at once. They must have the same diameter. After all, the cuts in the concrete or brick must be of equal depth.

Please note! Profiling is used for routing electrical cables and even pipes with a small diameter.

Specially made spacers are used for mounting two cutting discs on one shaft at the same time. They allow you to fix the work items at the required distance from each other. Also bushings are used. They are dressed on the shaft, so they have the appropriate diameter. These elements also allow you to install discs, which have a large seating diameter. In this case, they must have a suitable external cross-sectional dimension.

In addition, the angle grinder is installed on the angle grinder of a different design. It allows two cutting discs to be covered at the same time. After all, the standard cover is not the right size.

Often the protective element additionally has a spigot, which is used to remove the dust that forms during drilling. It is usually connected to a powerful construction vacuum cleaner.

In addition, mitre cutters for angle grinders can have roller mechanisms. Less strain on the hands. Because the tool has to be constantly repositioned on the surface.

Please note! Advanced versions are equipped with an adjustment unit. The cutting depth of discs can be adjusted with it.

All work on power tools must be carried out in strict conformity with safety regulations. Otherwise there is a risk of injury. Otherwise it may be possible to receive an electric shock. In addition, dust is harmful to the respiratory system and sharp cutting elements can seriously injure a person.

Important! Besides protection of eyes and respiratory organs, before starting work, check the function of the electric tool at idle speed, the integrity of the electric cable. It is also necessary to use working discs that are free of defects in the form of chips and cracks.

The main points in a nutshell

The angle grinder is already called a universal electric tool, thanks to its ability to be used with a variety of attachments. They expand the range of applications of the angle grinder.

Devices are available in factory-made form in retail chains or their production is ordered from craftsmen. Chainsaw can serve as the basis for a cut-off saw, grinder, milling machine. An angle grinder is used in the same way as a pendulum saw or chisel gun. Angle grinder even allows you to cut porcelain tiles evenly and quickly.

For the angle grinder buy ready-made wine or make to order protractor or jig. They allow you to cut blanks at the right angle. Cut-off machines for angle grinders often have a guide rail in their design.