Neva single axle tractor with PTO

Attachments for power tillers Neva

To cultivate the soil on the single-axle tractor “Neva“, instead of the wheels are installed cutters. There are up to eight of these, depending on the type of soil. Basic set with 4 tillers, additional tillers available separately.

For plowing with a power tiller, you need to buy a plow and a special hitch. As well as metal wheels with grousers are needed for better traction on the ground.

For hilling, single-row and double-row riders are used, which can also be divided into non-adjustable and adjustable. It is necessary to choose a planter based on the quality and composition of soil. Larger-diameter metal wheels with grousers are used with the riders, it allows to increase agrotechnical clearance.

To mechanize potato planting with the help of motor-block “Neva” it is recommended to use potato planters CS: GO-1, CS: GO-1A, KST-. This not only facilitates the planting process itself, but also creates the necessary conditions for further inter-row cultivation and harvesting with the help of tractor-mounted equipment. This is due to the even planting and the fixed width of the row spacing. The average productivity of these planters is 0,2-0,25 ha per hour, the distance between the tubers is 25-30 cm., and the width between the rows can be adjusted by the track of the machine within the range of 60-70 cm.

There are two types of potato diggers for the single axle tractor we are considering: fan diggers and vibratory diggers (screen type). The use of both machines is justified on small plots, and they can perform their duties well.

  • Fan diggers for plunging and cutting the soil have a metal blade at the base, and metal rods diverge from the blade in a fan. The soil layer lifted by the knife is sifted through bars and the potatoes are held back and lifted to the surface. Capacities of this type of diggers are about 0,15 ha per hour.
  • Vibrating or screen potato diggers. The main working elements of this attachment are: ploughshare and vibrating screen for soil screening. The ploughshare lifts the soil with potatoes on the grid, and the grid with a belt drive from the power tiller, sifts the ground leaving pure potatoes on the surface. For “Neva” we recommend the models KKM-1, KMU-3, KK-6 and others. The average productivity of such equipment is about 0,2 ha per hour.

Mowers for the motor-block Neva also come in two kinds:

  • Segmented, with hardened, solid steel shearing blades that move in a horizontal plane. They work best on level surfaces, with grass, evenly standing grasses. For example KH-1 mower.1, mowing width is up to 110 cm, and the productivity is approximately 0,35 ha per hour.
  • Rotary. recently gaining in popularity, displacing segment mowers from the market. Working elements are blades mounted on a rotating disc. These mowers are not afraid of small surface irregularities, also dense grass and small bushes are not an obstacle. Kaluga mower “Zarya” and “Neva-KR-05” produced by “Red October. Neva” are good examples of this family.

Specially for the “Neva”, an auger snow blower SMB-1 is produced at the mower’s native plant. The auger is designed so that the snow moves from the edges into the middle, toward the nozzle. The snow throwing direction is regulated by turning the snow throwing screen, and the skids on the body adjust the cleaning height.

The municipal rotary brush is mainly used for trash removal. 90 cm wide grapple. Can be mounted at an angle of up to 90 degrees. Maximum capacity up to 2200 m/2.

Trolley trailer. load capacity of such a cart is up to 400 kg. Equipped with driver’s seat, brakes and safe hitch.


PTO shafts are divided into different classes according to their operating principle. With this in mind, we can divide all machines into different types.

  • Shafts that work directly from the engine of the power tiller are called dependent. If there is no connection between the clutch and the engine, the PTO stops rotating.
  • PTO in independent design operates more sparingly due to equal distribution of load. This type of drive makes it possible to use the mechanism when the clutch is off.
  • If non-stop operation of PTO is provided by rotation of wheels, then such a shaft is called synchronous.
  • Asynchronous shafts, according to the principle of operation, are the opposite of the mechanism of the previous class. This assembly type is usually designed for machines that must work intermittently and at low speeds.

This division by class allows the owner to choose the right type of single-axle tractor with PTO. Although, if necessary, other types of shafts can be purchased separately and installed by yourself.

Engines of power tillers Neva.

Today you will not find the new Neva motor blocks with the domestic engine DM-1K, which was developed back in the USSR. It has been discontinued. DM-1K has been replaced by modern single-cylinder gasoline engines from the world leading manufacturers: BriggsStratton, Yamaha, Honda, Kasei. Engine cooling. active, air.

BriggsStratton engines are installed on the whole range of Neva. The MB Compact, MB-1 and MB-2 models can be equipped with domestic RS and professional I/C and Vanguard engines. Only professional BriggsStratton I/C 10 hp engines on the MB-23.с., there is a model with electric starter and without.
Japanese Yamaha engines have replaced the Subaru EX-series engines (Subaru EX17, EX21, EX27), which have recently been removed from production, but managed to prove to be reliable and economical power units. Yamaha engines are installed on the models MB-2 with classical gearbox (MX175 and MX200) and on the MB-23 Multi-AGRO (MX250 and MX300).
Engines from Honda’s professional GX series are installed on the MB-2 Multi-AGRO and the MB-23 with a classical gearbox. The engines of this brand are characterized by high reliability and maintainability. Many Chinese brands copy Honda engines, and as a result. a lot of cheap spare parts and consumables.
Domestic Kasei engines. Quite recently, the Neva line has no engines from Chinese brands, but now the customer can choose Kasei engines. These models will be optimal for users with small tasks, for example. To work a small piece of land. These engines can be found on the MB-Compact and MB-2 models with a classical gearbox.
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The design of the power tiller: quality and reliability

Simplicity of the device and high quality of details of all modifications of the Neva MB-2 power tiller ensures its faultless operation even on heavy soils and virgin land.

  • engine with starter and fuel tank;
  • V-belt transmission with clutch functions;
  • gear reducer of pinion-chain construction;
  • powerful base frame with bracket for mounting of attachments and trailed equipment
  • running gear represented by a pair of wheels fixed on half-axles;
  • controls, consisting of a steering wheel with handles to control the mode of the engine.

Proven by years of use, this design of the MB2 power tiller allows its owner to maintain all the components of the mini-tractor with high quality and without unnecessary stress. Repair and replacement of worn out parts can be done by yourself or rely on a mechanic with a little experience.

Neva motoblocs

“Krasny Oktyabr” was founded in 1891 in St. Petersburg. Electrical engineering area of industry. In 1927. Krasny Oktyabr merged with the Kirov motorcycle factory in 1891. Zinovieva. In 1940, the production of aircraft engines was launched. In 1956, the department started to produce engines for Honda mopeds, gasoline pumps and other special equipment. Production of engines for mopeds, gasoline pumps and other special equipment began. Since 1985. Production of Neva power tillers and various attachments began. In 2002 the subsidiary company CJSC “Krasny Oktyabr-Neva” was established. The division produces power tillers, 4-stroke engines and cultivators. The company designs and serially produces the Neva motor blocks. Russian and foreign motors are installed on the Neva motor blocks.

MB-1 series

MB-1 series power tillers are available with petrol engines marked B. BriggsStratton, C. Subaru, H. Honda. One of the first models of Neva motor blocks. Own transmission and gearbox were developed for this model. Parts are coated with rust preventing agent. Height adjustable steering wheel.

Main features

  • power: 5,6-6,5 l.с.
  • Number of speeds: 3 front and 1 rear
  • working width: 85-127 cm
  • working depth: up to 25 cm
  • weight: 70-86 kg

MB-2″ series

The models of this series are equipped with gasoline engines and designated as MB-2. Yamaha, B. BriggsStratton, C. Subaru, H. Honda, CS: GO. KASEI. These power tillers have an improved anti-vibration system, a reliable gearbox, and a rugged transmission. Neva MB-2 motorized tractors belong to the series of medium equipment. Able to cope with any soil, including virgin soil. Air cooling and cast-iron liner enable the power tillers to work uninterruptedly under heavy loads.

Main characteristics

  • power: 5,8-6,5 liters.с.
  • Number of speeds: 4 front and 2 rear
  • working width: 86-127 cm
  • working depth: up to 20 cm
  • weight: 85-95 kg

MB-23 series

This single-axle tractor is available with gasoline engines under the designation MB-23. Yamaha, B. BriggsStratton, C. Subaru and SD diesel engine. Subaru. A series of heavy power tillers, capable of working intensively on any soil for a long time. High wear-resistant chain spur gear is mounted on the aluminum housing.

Main features

  • power: petrol engine 9-12 liters.с. and a 4.8 liter diesel.с.
  • Number of speeds: 4 forward and 2 reverse
  • Working width: 80-127 cm
  • working depth: 25-30 cm
  • weight: 86-105 kg

All models can be mounted on attachments, which allows you to perform a variety of work: plowing, cultivation, transportation of goods and mowing the grass.

Specifications and equipment

So when you choose a tool, decide on the application for which you need it. For example, MB-Compact is suitable for sandy and loamy soils, MB-1 and MB-2. for work on medium-heavy soils. The other models are suitable for serious loads on heavy soils.


There are three types of engines in Neva motor blocks:

The performance of each of them depends on the type of soil, its condition and the intensity of unit use. The Russian DM-1 engine is unpretentious in use and designed for amateur use. Its displacement is 316-317 cm3. Capacity. 3-3,5 liters, 5-6,2 horsepower, crankshaft rotation 1200-1400 rpm.

Japanese Subaru engine has a capacity of 6-7 horsepower, is characterized as workable. It is harmless and high-performance.

The Neva is also equipped with Japanese Honda and Yamaha engines.

American BriggsStratton engine is suitable for professionals. Its power (from 6 horsepower) and cast-iron cylinder block help the engine to remain up-to-date and resistant to wear and tear, plus reduce oil consumption. A single axle tractor with this engine can be used all year round.

The Briggs and Stratton engine has a two-point bearing on the crankshaft which extends the service life of the motor and regulates the degree of load on the motor.

As a matter of principle, the factory does not install engines from Chinese manufacturers, relying on durability, ease of use, easy start in winter and summer and maintainability.


The classic variant has the following characteristics:

  • standard number of gears, which reduces the ability to adjust to the type of soil;
  • Switching low or high gear is made by shifting the belt on gearbox pulleys;
  • Regular gear ratio. the power consumption of a power tiller will be increased when performing heavy tasks.
  • larger number of gears compared to the classic gearbox;
  • All shifting operations are carried out on the tiller arm of the tractor;
  • increased gear ratio, which allows you to manage the power consumption even in heavy operations;
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This type of transmission has a distinct advantage: it allows the tractor to be used for a long time without interruption. It’s maneuverable, allowing you to work hard-to-access areas. No need to worry about the service life of such a machine. it will work to the benefit of the owner for many years.

Though the model MB-23SD has a small capacity, it has the best traction characteristics of the whole line. This single-axle tractor is the only one of all tractors with a diesel engine.


Transmission in the line of Neva motor blocks is represented by a robust design. the torque is transmitted from the engine to the gearbox by V-belt transmission with a tensioning roller. The reliability of this design has been proven over the years. Even if the single-axle tractor encounters an obstacle while working, this system will not let the engine and gearbox break down.

It is all about the belt that protects the single-axle tractor from breakage if it encounters an obstacle. Such a transmission guarantees the reliability of the power tiller and is also economical for the owner.

In the MB-2 with a gear stick, which is in a fixed position, you can shift gear or turn off the transmission completely.

Other technical characteristics

  • Dimensions (dimensions): length. 145-174 cm, width. 65-66 cm, height.130 cm
  • Shaft diameter (PTO): 30 mm
  • Maximum tractor unit speed (depending on model and engine): forward. 13 km/h, reverse. 3.3 km/h
  • Mass (weight): 75-104 kg (diesel models up to 125 kg)
  • Angle of transverse static stability: not less than 15°
  • Ground clearance: 120-140 mm
  • Gearbox: rack and pinion or Multi-AGRO
  • Number of gears: 2-4 forward (6-8 at MultAGRO gearbox) and 2 reverse
  • Wheels: 4.00×8; 4,5×10; 16×6.50-8
  • Fuel: gasoline AI-92, AI-95 or diesel
  • Working width: 81 to 170 cm, depending on model and number of tools
  • Working depth: 20 cm

Sets of power tillers

  • Buckets: 4 or 6 units.
  • Hubs with mounting kits. 2 pcs.
  • Two wheel half-axle extensions
  • Two wings
  • Coulter
  • Two rollers on 6 cutters
  • Operating instructions
  • Headlight (optional)
  • Electric starter (optional)
  • Battery (optional)
  • Self-locking brake (optional)

The key differences between a professional single-axle tractor with PTO and a model designed for home use are in the design of the power tiller. PTO in these machines is used not only for the active linkage, but also for the tillers.

Quality materials

Professional equipment (not only power tillers, but also any other equipment) assumes significantly higher loads and working hours, that is, a single-axle tractor can be used daily for a full working day, while ordinary household models are taken out of the garage only with the onset of the season and are limited to a few hours of work. Accordingly, the requirements to quality and durability of all major units of the units for professionals are much higher, and the manufacturers pay attention to these requirements.

Engine power

Also motor blocks in this class are often equipped with a more powerful engine. While the power of inexpensive mowers rarely exceeds 8 liters per hour, the more powerful the machine, the harder it is to attach an auxiliary power source.с., In professional models, it often reaches 13 liters.с. And the more power, the more complex and resource-intensive work a single-axle tractor can do (for example, transporting heavy loads or plowing virgin land).

Ergonomics and build quality

As for ergonomics, this question is quite complicated and is based on the personal feelings of the power tiller operator. However, when designing professional models, it is taken seriously, resulting in a machine that will be less fatiguing to work with, and will not be accompanied by rattling and clattering of individual components.

Also power tillers with PTO have different configuration of connection of attached implements, including rotary tool. Such power tillers “pull” them instead of using pneumatic wheels, placing the cutters under the engine, which facilitates the operator’s work by 70% at work.

Engine PTO system

The PTO system is one of the main distinctive features. Its main purpose is to transmit the shaft rotation to active attachments. Put simply, it makes the single-axle tractor not only travel, but also rotate the tillers or blades of the mower. 80% of all domestic machines have a PTO, 20% have a PTO, but it is only used to drive active implements. Professional power tillers with a PTO also use it to transfer torque to the tillers.

Neva-1B single-axle tractor helps to carry out all the necessary work without much difficulty: loosen the soil, mow the grass, cultivate seedbeds, cultivate and remove snow.

Modern modification has a reinforced design, streamlined shape of the body, which reduces resistance.

In addition, he did everything to manage the unit was as convenient as possible and equipped it with a double-sided separation of the wheels.

Quick and easy to start the engine with the electric starter and the generator supplies the headlights, so you can work even in the dark.

  • Engine power 6.5 L.
  • Engine manufacturer Briggs and Stratton.
  • Gearbox mechanical.
  • Working width of 90. 160 cm.
  • Weight 75 kg.

Neva MB-23B-10.0

This single-axle tractor is perfect for heavy loads and can handle absolutely any terrain. Well thought-out design and optimized engine parameters ensure the best possible use of motor power.

This, in turn, increases the performance of the device during the cultivation of compacted soil, including virgin land.

Wheel separation allows you to disengage the left wheel and make a U-turn even in small, cramped areas.

  • Engine power 10.06 liters.
  • Engine manufacturer Briggs and Stratton.
  • Manual gearbox.
  • Tillage width 86-127 cm.
  • Working depth 20 cm.
  • weight of 105 kg.
  • High-powered engine;
  • Six tools in the complete set;
  • Handy gearshift lever;
  • easy to start even in winter.
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Neva MB-2KS-(168FA)

This model of the walking tractor was created on the basis of MB2 model. The main difference from the prototype is that the MB-2KS-(168FA) has a simpler design.

The manufacturer has removed such functions as horizontal adjustment of the steering wheel and wheel separation.

Otherwise, this single-axle tractor is exactly the same as its predecessor and has excellent performance.

The model can be operated with various types of trailed and attached equipment, including a cart, a snowplow, a mower, etc. The machine is well suited for use on large and medium-sized acres.

  • Engine power 6.5 l.
  • Engine capacity 196 cc. see.
  • Gearbox mechanical.
  • The wheels are pneumatic.
  • Tillage width 81-126 cm.
  • Cultivation depth 20 cm.
  • Weight 85 kg.

Neva MB-23-Y (MX300) with Multi-Agro gearbox

This model is a combination of high power, broad functionality and a wide range of gears.

All the advantages of the Neva single-axle tractor were collected in this unit.

Mowing thickets, cultivating virgin land, removing debris and snow, and transporting goods with ease.

Powerful engine guarantees high productivity and fuel economy. Also features a balancer shaft, which greatly reduces vibration.

  • Engine capacity 305 cc. see.
  • The transmission is manual.
  • Type of wheels pneumatic.
  • Tillage width 85 cm.
  • Working depth 25 cm.
  • Weight 86 kg.

Neva MB2-B MA V

This mid-range model is equipped with a powerful four-stroke engine from the American manufacturer.

The single-axle tractor does its job perfectly: allows you to loosen and plow any type of soil, mow thickets of grass, remove snow and leaves, as well as transport loads.

The machine is easy and convenient to start and use during operation. The wheel lift function makes it possible to turn the unit even in cramped territory.

  • Engine power 6,53 l.
  • Engine displacement of 208 cc. see.
  • Engine manufacturer Briggs and Stratton.
  • Gearbox mechanical.
  • Wheels type pneumatic.
  • Cultivation depth 20 cm.
  • Weight of 90 kg.

Neva MB-1B-6,0FS

The Neva MB-1B-6,0FS features a powerful four-stroke engine from the renowned manufacturer BriggsStratton. Easy start with the electric starter.

gears available, making it even easier to work with.

Comfortable steering wheel can always be adjusted in both turning angle and height, making the work process even more comfortable.

  • Engine power of 6.53 liters.
  • Engine capacity 208cc. see.
  • Gearbox mechanical.
  • Wheels type pneumatic.
  • Cultivation depth 20 cm.
  • Weight 90 kg.

Neva MB23-Y (МХ250)

If you need a single-axle tractor that combines excellent power, functionality and a wide range of gears, the Neva MB23-Y is the right choice.

neva, single, axle, tractor

Thanks to the powerful engine from the well-known YAMAHA manufacturer, it easily performs all tasks required.

With its help, you can quickly cultivate virgin land, mow the grass, clear away snowdrifts or transport bulky loads.

  • Engine power 11 liters.
  • Transmission is manual.
  • type of wheels pneumatic.
  • Tillage width 86-170 cm.
  • Cultivation depth 20 cm.
  • Weight 103 kg.

Neva MB-B6,5 RS

This is another popular and lightweight enough single axle tractor from Neva. It belongs to the entry-level model range and is equipped with an engine from the American manufacturer BriggsStratton.

This single-axle tractor can be operated in all weather conditions, t. к. optimized design enables the machine to withstand temperature changes, rain, snow, etc.

Another feature is that the unit supports a sufficiently large number of attachments, which makes it versatile.

  • Engine power 6.5 liters.
  • Gearbox manual.
  • Wheels type pneumatic.
  • Working width of the soil 65-100 cm.
  • Cultivation depth 16 cm.
  • reliable motor;
  • the ability to mount attachments;
  • easy to start, even under.10 degrees;
  • excellent assembly;
  • Body resistance to mechanical damage.

Neva MB1B MA (RS950)

This machine is a multi-speed single axle tractor, which is ready to perform even the most difficult tasks with ease.

It can be used for plowing soil, shoveling leaves and snow, transporting heavy loads. the self-developed Multi Agro gearbox lets you quickly find the right speed for the job, which in turn increases productivity.

Steering wheel can be adjusted in angle and height, which makes the process even more comfortable.

  • engine power 6,5 l.
  • Engine capacity 208cc. see.
  • Engine manufacturer Briggs and Stratton.
  • Gearbox mechanical.
  • Wheels type pneumatic.
  • Tillage width 86-127 cm.
  • Cultivation depth 20 cm.
  • Weight 75 kg.

Neva MB-23H-9.0

Neva MB-23H-9.Great choice for large plots. Due to the powerful engine from Honda manufacturer, the single-axle tractor is capable of working all types of soil, mowing grass, removing snow drifts.

This model is used not only by gardeners and gardeners, but also by municipal workers, t. к. It can be used to easily remove fallen leaves and excess sand.

In addition to all this, the Neva MB23-H9.0 can be used for driving and transporting goods even on rough roads.

  • Engine power 9 l.
  • Engine capacity 270 cc. see.
  • Engine manufacturer Honda.
  • Gearbox mechanical.
  • Wheels type pneumatic.
  • Tillage width 81-126 cm.
  • Cultivation depth 20 cm.
  • Weight 100 kg.

Top 10 best power tillers Neva: rating 2021-2022 and which model is better to choose

Neva power tillers are in great demand due to the mass of advantages and a wide range, as well as high functionality and reasonable cost.

ЮМЗ-8280 с передним ведущим мостом. Двигатель IVECO. Спец. трактор!

In order to choose the right unit, it is necessary to take into account some parameters, such as power, depth of cultivation, equipment. But even with the coincidence of most characteristics, a large number of models can confuse the buyer.

To help you in your choice, we have compiled for you a rating of the best power tillers Neva. When selecting models, we took into account not only the price-quality ratio, but also Rosstat statistics, experts’ opinions and users’ reviews.