How to disassemble the cover from a Bosch blender


Disassembling devices from the manufacturer “Polaris”, you need to unscrew all visible screws. After removing the mount, it is possible to separate the parts of the case and gain access to the internal structure.


An immersion blender is a type of small household appliance that is used for mixing, whipping, slicing, chopping, and pureing food. It consists of an elongated handle with a motor under the cover. A rotating paddle or whisk is attached to it.

To disassemble a conventional submersible device, follow the following sequence of actions:

  • Unscrew the fastening screws. Their locations are remembered or marked with a marker.
  • Dismantle all parts that are detachable.
  • Inspect integral parts. They can be attached using clips or latches. They are disconnected by pressing the lock of the latches.
  • Glue seams are destroyed with a knife or razor.
  • Soldered elements are soldered.

After disassembly, diagnostics and repair of the worn part are carried out.

Fuse ringing

If there is a fuse in the blender, it should also be checked. The fuse is removed from the socket, and if it fails, the thread inside the body will be broken. It is difficult to repair a component, so it is best to replace it if it breaks down. All technical characteristics are indicated on the fuse body, according to which you can easily select a similar part.

Dismantling the Scarlett blender

Disassembling a blender of this brand is similar to the previous process, but there are some changes:

  • It is necessary to remove the back cover with pliers, with the help of which the speed of rotation of the knives of the device is adjusted. The cover is pulled up.
  • There are four self-tapping screws under it, which must be unscrewed.
  • Now the disassembly process goes to the opposite side. Here, on the shaft of the electric motor, there is a plastic coupling, which acts as a protective device so that dirt and moisture do not get inside. The sleeve is removed by hand, you just need to pull it out.
  • The front of the Scarlett blender body is attached to the main body with a metal crimp. There are no additional fasteners here, not even glue. Therefore, you just need to pull this part towards you, turning it slightly from side to side.
  • Then the metal nozzle is removed, it is also the decorative part of the device case.
  • Now the main body needs to be disassembled lengthwise into two parts. To do this, you can use a knife or a thin-bladed screwdriver. The blade is inserted into the slot, and by turning the handle of the tool, two halves are moved apart, inside which there is an electric motor and a control plate. The latter is fixed on two latches.

Ремонт блендера Bosch

Repair (maintenance) of the cover of the chopper of the blender Bosch MSM 6700

In this article I will give, by my own example, a description of the disassembly and assembly of the grinder cover (such a cone-shaped thing, see photo).

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Blender model, to be precise. Bosch MSM 6700. I bought it for my wife last year, but recently the lid of the chopper began to jam, and then completely slip. At first I thought it was broken, then I read a couple of forums on the Internet about it, which said that it was non-collapsible and disposable. and I felt sad).

But, armed with a flat screwdriver, I quickly realized that I was reading the wrong thing. This shredder cover is still collapsible. This is Bosch, and not some kind of garbage).

So, first of all, I drove with a screwdriver around the entire circumference of the lid, along its cut at the base. Carefully so as not to break the plastic, as it is very soft and gives in easily. Then I read it on the Internet (for example, the MSM 6600, but everything is identical there), made sure that the lid was collapsible, and began to chop it further. With a little force, the lid still gave in to me. As you can see in the photo, it is fixed with several plastic brackets around the circumference. They snap off quite easily, nothing complicated.

The main thing was inside. As you can see in photo 2, a lot of dirt has accumulated under the cone of the shredder cover, moreover, it is rusted. The gear is to blame for everything, or rather even its iron rod, which, from moisture, began to turn red and crap).

Of course, the main thing was not to lose all the washers. Having taken out the gears from the seats and (cannot be removed), he thoroughly washed the lid with plain water and soap. By the way, there was a lot of yellow grease everywhere. I also washed the main part of it, since I had ordinary grease at hand, or rather, even household oil. At the same time, I left a small amount of grease for the gear stem from the most secluded corners of the gears and the cover.

Armed with a soldering iron, a flat screwdriver and time, I got to work. I managed it in 1-1.5 hours, despite the fact that the children were constantly running and shaking the table, so I had to be distracted and calm them down with a good shout))).

It didn’t end with the gear alone, because I figured that if you put everything in place, it is unlikely that anything will change.

Taking a look at the base of the chopper cover, I find the bottom pinion seat is a little frayed. As a result, the gear itself is unstable and practically “walks”, which naturally reduces its adhesion to other gears.

Then a strong-willed decision was made to take and solder the lower gear washer to the base so that it firmly fixes the gear stem. I attached the washer and then pressed it down with a hot soldering iron. It seems more reliable than plastic))). Then I found an old plastic spring and cut out two small circles from it, which I put deep into the hole for the gear stem at the base of the chopper cover, that is, where the washer was already soldered. The fact is that there the stock has already “drilled” deep enough and “moved” not only to the left and to the right, but also up and down. In the very cone of the cover, the hole for the gear stem is very deep, and there it definitely does not hang out.

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Everything is assembled very easily. The main thing. put the gears correctly and align the holes in the cover cone with the rods. For convenience, you can use a screwdriver.

Hope anyone can benefit from my experience).


The speed controller dialing helps to find an open in an electrical circuit or a short circuit, which contributes to effective diagnosis and elimination of the problem. For continuity, a special multimeter device is used. It is allowed to ring only de-energized circuits to avoid injury and damage to the equipment. The procedure is performed according to the following instructions:

  • Fix the probes in the multimeter connectors.
  • The dialing mode is switched on on the device, after which the unit should appear on the display.
  • Check the correct functioning of the multimeter by connecting the contacts of the probes. If the device is in good working order, it will emit a beep.
  • The multimeter probes are applied to the contacts on the speed controller. If there are no faults, the buzzer will beep and the display will show a value close to zero.

Gearbox repair

The weak point of the gearbox is the separation of the gears and their shafts. As a result of a heavy load, the assembly heats up, the iron shaft melts the seats of the gears, and they fly out. After that, the transfer of rotation to the nozzle stops, and the blender stops working.

To repair the gearbox, you need to disassemble it. In most varieties, it is a standard two-piece construction, connected by internal latches. After parsing, you need to inspect all the details. If the gears are not damaged and just fell off the shafts, then to restore the device’s performance, it is enough to put them back in place and securely fix them with superglue. If the gears break, you need to purchase the same size and replace.

How to replace a clutch in desktop models

The main reason for installing a new clutch is the wear of the rubber teeth. To remove the old clutch, turn it clockwise. After loosening the thread, you need to rest the screwdriver under the base of the coupling to pry it and pull it up. Then it remains to put the new part in place and fix it securely.

Dismantling Bosch blenders

It makes sense to try to fix a broken Bosch blender yourself if its free warranty repair has expired. And only if you yourself are at least a little versed in electronics and electrical engineering, know how to use a tester and a soldering iron. But first you need to disassemble it without breaking it completely. So how do you do it?

Disassembly features

There are two types of blenders: hand-held (submersible) and stationary (tabletop). To disassemble the desktop version, you may need a wrench or screwdriver, depending on the type of mountings on the bottom case cover. In this case, everything is simple: screws or nuts are unscrewed, and the cover is removed, revealing access to the internal device.

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With immersion blenders, the situation is more complicated, since their external fasteners are often fragile plastic latches, the location of which is not known in advance, and the internal components can be additionally fastened with screws, self-tapping screws or bolts.

Как разобрать блендер BOSCH MaxoMixx 800w?


As mentioned above, you can repair the breakdown yourself only by replacing the faulty components. To do this, you need to carefully inspect all elements and connections of the control board for swelling, oxidation or melting. It is also advisable to check all suspicious nodes with a tester.

First of all, you should pay attention to the fuse.

Bosch MSM 7700 is equipped with a self-healing thermal fuse that opens the circuit when heated above 120 degrees Celsius, protecting the parts of the hand blender from overheating and damage.

This fuse is designed for 100 operations, after which the device itself returns to its original state after a while and continues to function normally. If the fuse resource is completely exhausted, it must be replaced with a fuse of similar characteristics.

Disassembly of the submersible model

The hand blender consists of 3 main elements: an electric motor, a spindle and a control unit (board). Its repair is reduced to replacing the defective part and removing contamination. Let’s see how to disassemble the Bosch MSM 7700 model.

To do this, we need a small flat screwdriver with a wide, thin tip or a penknife with a narrow blade. And also a small hex key 3-4 mm. If there is no such key in the household, you can try using a Phillips or flathead screwdriver of a suitable size instead.

Как разобрать блендер BOSCH ErgoMixx 600W

Although it is not particularly difficult to disassemble a Bosch hand blender, you should not do this without the necessary knowledge and skills.

As a workout, let’s start with the simplest thing. removing a small panel from the handle of the device. It is quite easy to pry it off with a screwdriver and snap it off. Under it we will see two self-tapping screws, which must be carefully unscrewed with a hex wrench.

With the back cover of the case, everything is a little more complicated and you need to be extremely careful not to break anything. It is not necessary to apply much force here, but it is important to first understand what exactly holds the lid in engagement with the body, and in which direction it moves.

Having coped with this task, we will find two more screws inside, which also need to be unscrewed in order to continue further disassembly. Having carefully examined the edges, we will notice that the two halves of the case hold a few more latches, which can be easily snapped off with a flat screwdriver and finally gain access to the electric motor and control board of the immersion blender.