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of the best Patriot power tillers

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American company Patriot has production facilities in China and Russia, so their motor blocks are produced by the technology of the United States, but with more affordable prices. Agricultural machinery is excellent for plowing, furrow cutting, potato harvesting, grass collection, snow collection, trailer towing. We have studied the brand range and prepared a rating of the best “Patriot” power tillers for different tasks. When selecting candidates and distributing places, we took into account the reviews of owners and characteristics of the equipment.

The best PATRIOT power tillers

The PTO pumps have a wide range of functions, compared to younger models. The ability to install attachments allows you to perform all kinds of agricultural work: from plowing and planting potatoes to transport heavy loads and snow removal. PTO ranking of the best power tillers in 2021. a selection of the most successful units from our editorial board. The review is based on the specific machine operation and the requirements of modern users. All pros and cons of popular models helped to disclose customer reviews on reputable websites.

The best PATRIOT power tillers and cultivators

In a review of the best PATRIOT power tillers and cultivators. 9 best selling models of recent years. Rating of top positions will help to determine the forthcoming purchase, even if it is the first one. PATRIOT is one of the leading manufacturers of gardening and farming equipment. The brand has been on the Russian market for over 20 years and has long accumulated extensive experience and expanded its range of equipment. Gasoline, diesel and electric machines for tillage, hilling, snow cleaning or potato harvesting, plowing are offered to the users. You only need to determine which type of equipment will better solve the upcoming tasks.

Features of use

Due to the wide range of Patriot products, you can pick up, as a very powerful single-axle tractor, and rather weak, designed for highly specialized works.

So, with the help of Patriot mini-tools you can perform the vast majority of work in agriculture and utilities, from simple weeding of seedbeds, to plowing of virgin lands and transportation of cargo weighing several tons.

All Patriot gasoline engines operate on 92 or 95 AI gasoline. diesel models are adapted to all diesel fuels.

To increase the service life of your power tiller, it is recommended to use the oil specified in the instruction manual.

It is advisable to change the oil in the engine after 100 hours of work, and in the gearbox. after 50.

Гораздо удобнее!!! Коробкой передач с прорывной технологиейМотоблок Patriot Победа X-Drive

Use the amount of oil specified in the manual. If less oil is changed, the engine can stall, and if more oil is changed, the engine will overdischarge the lubricating oil.

Patriot motor blocks owners note that during the operation the vibrations unscrew the mechanism parts, and they need to be periodically re-tightened.

If you regularly do maintenance work on your Patriot power tiller and do not overload the engine, it will serve you long and will be a reliable helper.

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It is necessary to carry out regular maintenance of the equipment. It helps to considerably extend the service life of the tractor.

The future owner of a vehicle first of all pays attention to the functionality of the machine. But for most people one of the main parameters is still the cost. Our review presents the best PATRIOT power tillers for value for money.

Kaluga M

patriot, single, axle, tractor

A maneuverable machine that attracts customers with its low cost. It is equipped with a gasoline four-stroke engine with a capacity of 7 l.с. The gearbox is made of cast-iron, for a long service life. The single-axle tractor belongs to the middle class.

Power tillers for hard tillage are included. Large pneumatic wheels provide excellent running on soft ground even on bad roads. The machine is equipped with a manual transmission with 3 gears. two forward, one reverse.


Convenient and inexpensive single axle middle class Patriot tractor. It is suitable for various agricultural applications. It is equipped with reinforced cutters for working different types of soil. Other kinds of work require additional equipment, like a trailer, plow, and other.

Four-stroke gasoline engine with 7 L displacement.с. High torque allows the unit to operate in wet conditions. Large pneumatic wheels with deep tread provide excellent flotation and mobility in any terrain, even soft ground.

Moderate fuel consumption. In one pass, it handles soil up to 90 cm wide. The unit has 360-degree-reversing capability. Manual gearbox with 3 speeds. 1 reverse, 2 forward.

Pobeda (440 10 7500)

Inexpensive PATRIOT power tiller model with a PTO shaft connected by a belt pulley. Single-cylinder, 4-stroke gasoline engine with 7 L displacement.с., Enables the user to cultivate even heavy, wet soil quickly and effectively.

Equipped with six blades that allow a single pass to handle soil up to 90 cm wide and 30 cm deep. Manual transmission with 2 reverse and 4 forward gears. As well as two pneumatic wheels, front wheel for increased maneuverability on the road.

Convenient handles allow you to easily control the machine when cultivating the soil or moving the tiller on the road.

Samara M (440 10 7576)

The multifunctional 7 l single-axle gasoline tractor.с. Engine features long service life, cast-iron gearbox increases service life. Deep-tread pneumatic tires allow you to perform various agricultural operations on any, even very soft and eroded ground.

The machine is equipped with 6 rotary hoes, thanks to which the working width in a single pass is 90 cm. Milling unit turns in a straight line. 6-speed manual transmission on the machine.

Handle of the power tiller is height-adjustable, can be rotated and locked in different planes, providing the user with the maximum comfort in control. In addition to mills, the machine can be hooked up to other types of attachments: trailer, snowplow, plow, mower, and other.

Ural with Extreme wheels (440 10 7581)

Compact single axle gasoline tractor from Patriot with 7.8 liters.с. The gearbox has 6 speeds: 2 reverse, 4 forward. A reinforced frame gives special appeal as it protects the machine elements (air filter, muffler, tank) from damage during work, transportation, storage and simplifies loading/unloading.

Heavy-duty, cast-iron gearbox delivers dependable performance and durability. No seams, no leaks, no gaskets. Wheels with deep treads provide good cross-country mobility.

The machine is equipped with power tillers with a working width of 90 cm. For work with other attachments, such as a trailer, plow, and dipstick, it will need to be purchased additionally.

Nevada 9

Excellent Patriot single axle gasoline tractor with 9L horsepower.с., middle class. The machine is equipped with 1.10 m wide tillers.

Equipped with PTO, disc clutch, reverse, pinion gear, 3-speed manual transmission. Large pneumatic wheels with deep treads for excellent cross-country ability on any type of ground.

Ergonomic handles make it easy to operate regardless of the type of work performed on the power tiller. Additional attachments are available for purchase to extend the functions of the machine. It may be a rocker, a trailer, a pump, a plow, a mower.

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Boston 9DE

Heavy single-axle Patriot tractor with a 9 liter diesel engine.с., Notable for its excellent performance. It features an electric starter for quick, easy starting without any effort. Large wheels allow operator to work on any terrain without risk of getting stuck. They have excellent flotation and stability. And above them there are wide wings, protecting the operator from dirt.

The tractor is equipped with 10 tillers that in one pass cultivate the soil with a width of 1.25 m and go down to a depth of 25 cm. It can be additionally equipped with other attachments to perform other types of agricultural work: mowing grass, transporting goods, planting or harvesting potatoes, plowing. The steering column is adjustable for maximum ease of operation.

Patriot Ural has a quality reinforced frame with a bend that goes on top of the body. Such bending provides rigidity to the frame and protects the muffler, fuel tank, and air filter from impacts.

The implement is equipped with mudguards which protect the operator from soil ejected from under the wheels during operation. Large diameter wheels and reliable tread provide a high level of cross-country mobility. Cutter blades are mounted with deviation, which ensures smooth entry into the soil.

No gearbox seams, no oil leakage.

Features include:

This model is used for agricultural work on medium and large areas.

Patriot Nevada single axle tractor. instructions, features

The Patriot Nevada single axle tractor has several modifications including a diesel engine.

The Patriot Nevada is a powerful single-axle tractor with oil bath multi-disc clutch and pinion gearbox with record breaking tilling width, complete with cutters and large pneumatic wheels. Reinforced tiller blades. Universal hitch. the most common and allows you to install a variety of attachments: plows and ridgers of different configurations. Practically any bolster for power tillers is suitable, and if any modifications are needed, they are minimal and can be done without consulting a service center.

Wide range of additional equipment is available as an accessory: rotary mower, pump, wagon, plow, hoe, potato weeder, and if you install a tracked attachment, you get a snow tugger for deep snow and off-road driving. Nevada Comfort and Dizel Pro models are equipped with an adjustable headlight on the steering wheel, which will allow you to use the single-axle tractor in the dark.

Engine power. 7 л.с.Gearbox GearboxWeight 101 kg.Working width 100 cm

Engine capacity 6.5L.с.Weight 103 kg.Working width 100 cm.Disc clutch

Engine power. 9 л.с.Gear reducer pinionWeight 130 kg.Working width 140 cm

Patriot motor blocks. Official site of manufacturer:

Patriot Nevada single axle tractor. technical specifications

Patriot power tiller brand Patriot Nevada 9 Nevada Comfort Nevada Dizel Pro
Engine power 9 л.с. 7 л.с. 6.5 л.с.
Oil in engine crankcase Patriot HD SAE 30 Patriot HD SAE 30 Patriot SAE 10W-40 API CF-4
Working width, cm 140 100 100
Gearbox 2 forward / 1 reverse 2 forward / 1 backward 2 forward / 1 reverse
Gearbox oil Patriot GL-4 transmission oil 85W90
Gearbox Gearbox
Gearbox oil capacity 1, 8 л
Clutch disc in oil bath
Active linkage connection Power take-off shaft
Pneumatic wheels type 500-12 4.00-8 400-10
Weight, kg 130 101 103
Cutter diameter, cm 34
Cigarette lighter

Specifications from the manufacturer’s official website, with minor differences in the instructions.

Patriot Nevada single axle tractor. instruction manual download

Patriot Nevada Comfort and Dizel Pro single axle tractor. operator manual download

Spare parts catalog for Patriot Nevada power tillers:

single axle tractor of this class is designed for home use only, it is not recommended to use this tool for professional and industrial work.

single-axle tractor with a gasoline engine equipped with a four-stroke engine running on pure gasoline with an octane number not less than AI-92 and a special oil for four-stroke engines. Gasoline and engine oil are filled into separate containers on the power tiller and must not be mixed.

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Using gasoline with a lower octane rating than AI-92 can lead to detonation, overheating and serious engine damage. Do not use gasoline with lead. Use extra caution when working with gasoline.

Single axle tractor with diesel engine has a four stroke engine that runs on diesel fuel and special oil for four stroke engines. Diesel fuel and engine oil are filled into separate tanks of the power tiller and are not mixable.

Nevada single axle tractor set for maximum cultivation width

Design of a Nevada Patriot power tiller

Attachments for the Patriot Nevada power tiller

opportunities to use the power tiller because of the wide range of attachments. The Nevada model is not an exception. It is connected via the universal joint shaft with a splined coupling. It can be connected to a mower, a pump.

this accessory is available as an accessory.

KKR-5 rotary mower on Nevada Comfort single axle tractor.

Mower working width. 80 cm, drive. universal joint shaft

Spare parts catalog for rotary mower KKR-5 download

Here’s an example of connecting a water pump via PTO.

The Nevada Comfort model is very popular among customers. Adjustable headlight on steering wheel allows to use the single-axle tractor in the dark.

Patriot Nevada single axle tractor diesel

Adjustable headlight on the steering wheel allows you to use the machine in the dark. This is the only one-axle tractor in the world with a cigarette lighter installed (you can charge your cell phone). (At least, that’s what it says on the official Patriot equipment manufacturer’s website)

Basic Features

This family is assembled according to the classical scheme. the single axle tractor is made up of a power take off gearbox, gearbox and engine grouped in a single unit that is protected by a casing with a guard. The movement is carried out by the main drive wheels, which have an adjustable track. The design again suggests the installation of additional supporting equipment. Gearbox in Patriot power tillers includes a steering column with 360 degree rotation and reverse. These features allow you to use the reverse as the main course, which is an additional advantage of this technique. Other features of Patriot power tillers are dismountable fenders and a headlight.

The principle of operation is the same as for other similar machines. the torque is transmitted to the transmission by means of a disk clutch in an oil bath. Gearbox with reverse allows you to choose the direction (forward or reverse) and the speed of movement. Gearbox design at Patriot models is specialized. Aluminum alloys are used here. The power is transmitted to the travel wheels (or via the PTO to the optional equipment) via a gearbox. Attachments are available for the installation of towable equipment. The power tiller is controlled by the steering column.

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