What is better a single-axle tractor – diesel or gasoline?

Salyut single axle tractor with which engine is more reliable

Moscow Mash on rented areas of the Gavrilov-Yamsk flax mill in 1968 established a branch of production. shop 00, where the production of small-sized garden equipment under the brand Agat began. However, the main activity of the workshop was the production of special equipment for aviation. At the end of the nineties the company GMZ “Agat” merged with FSPC “Salut” and until 2011 was engaged in the production of power tillers Salyut-5.

Since 2012, the Gavrilov-Yamsk machine building plant started its own production of Agat motor blocks based on the design and technological developments and production facilities inherited from Salut. Thanks to equipping units with professional engines from well known brands, it has been possible to significantly expand the family of modern Agat.

single-axis tractor Agat

The manufacturer of Agat motor-blocks is the Russian company OJSC GMZ “Agat”, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary. The main specialization of the plant since its opening were units for engines of different models of military aircraft.

Agat single axle tractor

Since 2002, the company expanded its product range, receiving an application for the production of power tillers for “Salyut” brand. Ten years later, the company decided to create its own “Agat” brand, producing a line of motor tractors made with the use of innovative technologies on modern high-precision equipment.

Diesel tractor features

Diesel power tillers are the best option for cultivating large sown areas. The equipment can have power over 12 liters. с., which equals the parameters of compact minitractors. With a weight of more than a hundred kilograms, a single-axle tractor on a diesel is heavy enough to cope with agricultural work of any complexity.

The diesel engine has its own advantages:

  • Minimum fuel consumption regardless of the power of the unit;
  • High torque and traction gain;
  • Long service life and low operating costs (repairs are very rare);
  • Stability in operation due to the high weight of the unit.

Multistage transmission with a choice of modes of operation. The unit is not very maneuverable, but is efficient during field work. A diesel single axle tractor is quite expensive, the quality of fuel used must be high. The Chinese/Russian unit must be maintained by following strict rules.

Diesel and gasoline. what is the difference?

All presented today on the market of minitrucks, regardless of its class, are of two types: diesel and gasoline. But in fact, this definition with respect to power tillers is not entirely accurate. we are talking only about what engines they are equipped with. Т.е. in theory one and the same model of power tiller can be equipped with both petrol and diesel engine, but in practice manufacturers prefer to install one type of power plant on the units of one model: either petrol or diesel engine. This makes it easier to buy spare parts and perform service maintenance.

Gasoline engines start with a spark plug, whereas diesel engines start with a glow plug. Gasoline engines can idle for a long time, while this situation is highly undesirable for diesel engines. long work without full load often leads to engine failure. But this problem is solved simply: it is enough regularly, at least once a day, to let the engine run under load for 2-3 hours, and you do not have to worry about a breakdown because of the lack of load on the diesel engine.

Only air cooling is used to protect the gasoline engine from overheating, while the diesel engine, in addition to air cooling, is also protected by the water cooling installed on it. In fact, the water cooling is both “plus” and “minus”: the engine is cooled better, but in winter the water must be drained from the radiator every time during the long idle of the engine, otherwise it will freeze.

Not only the water in the radiator can freeze, but also the fuel in the fuel tank. The disadvantage of a diesel motor-block is that to operate in winter it needs a special “winter” fuel as “summer” diesel fuel at subzero temperatures turns into a thick wax gel in the fuel tank, clogging the fuel lines.

Advantages of diesel power tillers

But diesel power tillers also have a number of serious advantages over gasoline ones:

  • Economy;
  • Greater pulling power;
  • Can work for a long time without stopping;
  • convenient in operation and service.

Despite the fact that a diesel single-axle tractor is more expensive, during its operation this disadvantage is completely leveled. During the work per 100 km run, diesel engines save from 2 to 5 liters of fuel than their gasoline counterparts. If we consider that the diesel fuel itself is 4-6% cheaper than the most demanded for gasoline motor blocks gasoline grade A-92, you get significant savings.

A diesel single-axle tractor is more practical for most tillage operations: plowing, cultivation, hilling. It has a much higher tractive force than gasoline-powered models, so it can work long hours at low rpm without rest. For those who are not familiar with machinery, the diesel engine is preferable if only because it does not have a carburetor, magneto and spark plugs, which require regular cleaning and adjustment.

The greater weight of a diesel engine tractor compared to a gasoline one can be considered both as a drawback and an advantage. The disadvantage. as it is a big load on the hands of the worker. But due to its greater weight the traction improves and this gives a good result when working in virgin lands and other heavy earthworks that lighter gasoline tractors simply can not do.

What engine to choose??

In order to answer which engine is better for your power tiller. diesel or gasoline, it is important first to determine how much time per year you plan to use it and what kind of work to do. Because a properly selected good single axle tractor can replace a minitractor in many ways. It can plow, carry loads, clear snow and perform many other works.

On the domestic market a large selection of both gasoline and diesel power tillers. Among gasoline-powered popular models are:

  • Centaur MB 2070B/M2;
  • Centaur MB 2070B-3;
  • Centaur MB 2091B;
  • Centaur MB 40-1;
  • Zirka GT90G03;
  • Zirka GT70G01;
  • Forte MK-2K-7.0;
  • Forte NSD1G-105G.

Among diesel models, they are the most popular:

  • Zubr JRO 12E;
  • Zubr NT.105;
  • Centaur MB 1080 D;
  • Centaur MB 1010;
  • Centaur 2075;
  • Centaur 2091D;
  • Aurora 135E;
  • Zirka GT76D02E;
  • Zirka GT90D04;
  • Bulat VT1210E;
  • Forte HSD1G-81;
  • Forte HSD1G-135;
  • Weima 1100BE.

This is not a complete list of models of both gasoline and diesel power tillers. But even superficially analyzing these lists, it is easy to see that they represent different models of the same brands, and sometimes the only difference between two models of the same brand is just the difference in the power plant.

In order not to err in your choice, you need to adhere to one simple rule. If a single-axle tractor is purchased for a small area, such as a summer cottage with 10 to 30 acres of soft land with a dozen or so fruit trees growing on it, a lightweight and maneuverable gasoline single-axle tractor is preferable. With it, not only is it easier during work to turn on a small plot, around tree trunks and dodge branches, but, thanks to its small size, with the storage of gasoline motorblock at the cottage, where there is often not even capital outbuildings, there is never a problem.

If the machinery is purchased in order to cultivate 50-70 hectares of land, not to mention the cases when we are talking about the areas over a hectare or of heavy clay soil, and in addition it is also planned that it will serve as a means of transportation of grown crops from the field to home, then the single-axle diesel tractor will be of better use.

The debate as to which is better: diesel or gasoline. is destined to live a long life, because each of the two options has numerous both supporters and opponents. But, paying (and rightly so) close attention to the choice of a power tiller, we must not forget that the efficiency of its work depends not only on the type, class and brand. Proper storage and operation of the purchased equipment is also of great importance. But this is a completely different topic of conversation.

Which single-axle tractor is better diesel or gasoline

So, diesel or gasoline? Motoblocs differ not only in the device and the principle of operation of the individual parts, but also in operating life, fuel consumption, cost of maintenance and comfort in operation.

Advantages of a diesel motorblock over a gasoline one:

  • fuel economy. Even with high power, diesel burns much less than gasoline;
  • No ignition system. You will not have to often repair, change parts and tune the engine;
  • long period of operation.

Advantages of a gasoline motorblock over a diesel one:

  • quiet in operation;
  • Can be used on difficult sites with obstacles and small areas;
  • easy operation. The steering vibration is very low, so the technique can be operated even by people without experience.

The choice of a power tiller depends first of all on the requirements and demands of the buyer. But it should be noted that the gasoline technology is more suitable for small plots up to 30 hectares. To perform complex works on large areas a diesel is needed.

Features of a diesel power tiller

With the help of diesel power tillers it is possible to cultivate large sown areas. Power of such machines can be from 12 liters. с., which is comparable to compact minitractors. With a mass of more than 100 kg the motor is heavy enough, so it will cope with tasks of any complexity.

What advantages a diesel single-axle tractor can boast?

  • Small diesel consumption. Consumption depends on the power of the motor, but even at 12 liters. с. the technique is economical;
  • Easy maintenance and repair. In the device there are no candles, carburetor and magneto, it is they that most often break down;
  • Large weight. The device has excellent grip on the soil without the need to purchase special weights;
  • Various types of coolers. Reduced temperature with water or air (gasoline power tillers without water cooling).

The diesel engine has a large stock of resources, so all tasks are performed quickly and at a decent level.

What disadvantages of diesel power tillers?

  • High price. The cost of machinery will quickly pay for itself due to the relatively low price of fuel;
  • The device must be started at maximum power. Not always perceived negatively, but idling can provoke malfunctions.

Among the most popular brands are the following:

The frame of such models has a specialized anti-corrosion coating, the gearbox is made of cast iron. Such characteristics allow you to protect the unit from a sudden change in load.

The single-axle tractor is equipped with a multi-stage transmission, which allows it to work in different modes. The machine can not boast of maneuverability, but it is very effective for various works in the field.

Diesel single axle tractor will cost the future owner is not cheap, fill only the quality fuel. Such Chinese/Russian machines must be serviced according to all the rules of operation.

Specifics of a gasoline power tiller

Gasoline-powered equipment is still the most in demand. Power of these motor blocks up to 9 liters. с. This unit is used to plow, cultivate, loosen, and hill the soil.

Motor blocks are small, economical, and convenient to use on small plots of land.

What are the advantages of gasoline power tillers??

  • Low price. Among a huge modern variety of equipment you can find the most suitable unit by functionality and cost;
  • Affordable service. Specialists carry out all necessary types of repair work quickly and efficiently. Individual failures can be eliminated on their own;
  • Low noise level. A diesel single-axle tractor makes a lot more noise;
  • Slight vibrations in the steering wheel. Management of the technique does not require special skills, so gasoline models are best suited for novice operators;
  • Easy starting. the single-axle tractor can be started regardless of the weather and without heating up the fuel.

All of the described advantages are confirmed by numerous reviews of the owners.

Gasoline power tillers have the following disadvantages:

  • Low power level. With these models of power tillers it is possible to cultivate land plots of up to 25 acres. The technique will not cope with heavy loads;
  • Unified air-cooling system. You cannot use a single-axle tractor for a long time without breaks. Excessive loads can provoke a breakdown of the unit.

Among the whole wide range of gasoline models, the following are worth mentioning:

With such a variety, you can pick up a single-axle tractor on gasoline, which will meet all the needs and wishes of the owner.

Disadvantages of a diesel power tiller

High cost, but this is compensated by cheap fuel, and over time, the price difference will pay off. In addition, the diesel engine uses less fuel than a gasoline engine.

Diesel begins to thicken at sub-zero temperatures. It is necessary to choose a special fuel and oil for working in the winter.

Disadvantages of gasoline motoblocks:

To conclude which single-axle tractor gasoline or diesel to buy, you should also familiarize yourself with the diesel model.

The advantages of a power tiller with a diesel engine

better, single-axle, tractor, diesel, gasoline

As we can see, the list of advantages is quite impressive. But let’s look at the other side of the coin.


There is another type of equipment for the garden. People often confuse it with a power tiller, because they can perform similar functions. But, still, these are different things. This type of equipment is called a power tiller. We are often asked what is better, a single axle tractor or a power tiller. It is impossible to directly compare them. The main thing here is to correctly identify the tasks that you need to perform. Motocultivator is ideal for small garden beds or work in the garden. With its help, it is impossible to cultivate large land parcels, to transport cargo, it will not be possible to plow the earth deeply. With its help it is good to loosen the ground for sowing grass or planting flowers. It is small and lightweight so it is easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Specifics of diesel power tillers

It is worth noting at once that these objects are designed for processing large areas. Its high tractive force makes it good for low speed work. Because of this, they are ideal for plowing, plowing, cultivation and other.

Advantages of diesel power tillers:

  • Low fuel consumption. Diesel is consumed depending on the power of the engine, but even a device with 12 liters. с. will be quite economical;
  • Easy maintenance and repair. In the unit there are no candles, carburetor and magneto, which often cause the breakdown of the device;
  • High weight. This factor ensures excellent traction with the ground and does not require the purchase of special weighting agents;
  • Variety of cooling types. To reduce the temperature both water and air are used (gasoline motor blocks do not have water cooling).

The diesel engine has an incredible reserve of resources, so it can perform its task long and qualitatively.

Disadvantages of diesel power tillers:

  • High cost. But it pays off quite quickly, because the price of fuel is relatively low;
  • The need to periodically force the device to work at maximum power. Many don’t see this feature as a negative, but still the fact that idling can lead to malfunctions is quite stressful.

It is necessary to get acquainted with several diesel models, which are considered the most popular in the domestic expanses:

Often the frame in such units is covered with special corrosive substances, and the gearbox is made of cast-iron alloy, which protects against the negative impact due to the sharp change of load.

What are the differences between diesel single axle tractors??

  • Firstly, they have an incredible motor life. over, the devices can withstand even heavy loads, but before starting operation it is necessary to make a running-in of the motoblock, following the generally accepted rules of this process. Thirdly, they consume little fuel and have large fuel tanks; never use them at maximum power, but only after all the parts have been lapped up;
  • Secondly, they have a high efficiency;
  • Third, the units consume little fuel and have voluminous fuel tanks;
  • Fourthly, the devices are known for their durability and long service life;
  • Fifthly, the money spent on the purchase pays off rather quickly;
  • Sixth, diesel single-axle tractors are ideal for hard work of any complexity.

Choosing the right diesel single axle tractor

In order not to miscalculate the purchase, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The power of the device. It is advisable to calculate the approximate power of the desired device, based on the area of land to be worked;
  • Availability of differentials. Makes it easy to maneuver the tractor and speeds up digging jobs.
  • Weight. Choosing a version with a lot of weight, a person can be sure that a single-axle tractor can handle a large area of land with minimal fuel costs and cope even with heavy earth. Lighter units are suitable for working on small areas;
  • Electric starter. It allows to quickly start the single-axle tractor and create the best conditions for operation;
  • The ability to install a variety of attachments. Will improve performance.
  • Availability of options such as plowing, weeding, hilling. In this case, the choice depends on the main tasks for which the machine is purchased.

Diesel single-axle tractor with water cooling: varieties of equipment and tips for choosing

An indispensable helper on the countryside is an agricultural equipment. Especially valuable are versatile devices, and in this respect, a diesel single-axle tractor with water cooling does not know equals. Its use is relevant as on the site near the suburban private house, and in the country cottage. the equipment is reliable and has a wide scope of application.

How to choose a single axle tractor: photos, videos, features, prices, reviews (read more)

In this article we will understand how to use power tillers and how to choose the optimal model for specific conditions.

A single-axle tractor for land cultivation is indispensable on an agricultural plot.

By customer reviews and expert reviews annually compile ratings of the best models of Chinese power tillers. Below are the top 7 such units for 2020.

Patriot Victory

One of the best Chinese power tillers recognized model PATRIOT Victory (440 10 7212). This is a light-class machine with a gasoline four-stroke engine and a manual transmission. PTO shaft available.

Connection to the shaft is through a belt drive.

Provides 4 forward and 2 reverse gears. Wheels. pneumatic.


  • engine power. 7 liters.с.;
  • 198 cc engine displacement.see;
  • working width of the soil. 100 cm
  • fuel tank capacity. 3,6 l;
  • Number of cutters. 6;
  • weight. 78 kg.
  • Powerful enough engine for the light class;
  • compactness;
  • low noisiness when working;
  • provides high-quality digging of the earth;
  • low cost.
  • Oil leakage is sometimes detected after prolonged, continuous operation;
  • Continuous steering adjustment is required;
  • on uneven terrain a bounce of the lightweight design is felt.

Popularity of the model provides quality tillage and sufficient productivity.

Patriot Nevada

The PATRIOT Nevada ranks high in the ranking. This single-axle tractor belongs to the middle class and is equipped with a 4-stroke gasoline engine, a manual transmission, a pinion gearbox and a disc clutch.

There are two forward and one reverse gear.


In general, buyers note the high reliability and performance.

Huter GMC-6.5

The Huter GMC-6 gets a lot of positive feedback.5. The single-axle tractor of light category is equipped with a gasoline four-stroke engine, a belt clutch and a chain drive.

Number of gears. front and rear (one each).


  • engine power. 6,5 l.с.;
  • working width of the soil. 90 cm;
  • fuel capacity. 3,6 liters
  • Number of cutters. 6;
  • Cutter diameter. 32 cm.

The model is usually purchased for a specific purpose. For its class it has a good combination of price and reliability.

Huter MK-7000

Unchanged popularity among Russian buyers enjoys single-axle tractor Huter MK-7000. It is a lightweight unit with a single-cylinder, 4-stroke gasoline engine, manual transmission, belt clutch and chain drive.

2 forward and 1 reverse gear.

Includes transport wheel and coulter.

Technical characteristics:

  • engine power. 7 liters.с.;
  • engine displacement. 208 cc.see
  • soil working width 60-100 cm;
  • Cultivation depth. 30 cm;
  • Fuel tank capacity 3.6 l;
  • number of cutters. 6;
  • cutter diameter. 30 cm;
  • weight. 72 kg.
  • deep cultivation;
  • high engine capacity for its class;
  • affordable price;
  • adjustment of the cultivated soil band;
  • low weight.
  • Claims on the clarity of gear shifting;
  • inconvenient switch handle;
  • sometimes there are problems with the setting of the width of the strip.

The vast majority of consumers find no major drawbacks and are happy with this model.

Huter GMC-5.5

The Huter GMC-5 is a special model among lightweight power tillers.5. This is a single-axle tractor-cultivator with a gasoline engine. Mill direction of rotation. straight.

Only one forward gear is available.


  • engine power. 5.5 liters.с.;
  • soil working width. 30-65 cm;
  • Fuel tank volume. 3,6 l;
  • Number of blades. 6;
  • Cutter diameter is 30 cm;
  • dimensions. 70x43x58 cm.

Affordable price and high quality of cultivation in its class.

Huter GMC-5.0

Worthy representative of the brand Huter is the model Huter GMC-5.0. This single axle tractor-cultivator is notable for its miniaturization and high maneuverability.

It has a gasoline four-stroke engine.

Only one forward gear is provided. The wheels are made of molded rubber.


  • engine power. 5 liters.с.;
  • Working width of the soil. 45 cm
  • Fuel tank capacity. 1,5 l;
  • Number of cutters. 4;
  • cutter diameter. 26 cm.
  • dimensions. 70x43x58 cm.
  • Belongs to the ultralight class;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • low price;
  • Unpretentious in maintenance;
  • easy control.

Ideal for manual tillage of small areas.

Zubr MTB-300

Among the leaders of top models is a single-axis tractor Zubr MTB-300. This machine is a lightweight type with a gasoline single-cylinder engine.

It is able to work an area up to 2000 sq.m.м.

Width of working width is adjustable.

single-axle tractor equipped with mechanical gearbox with pinion-chain drive. Number of gears. 2 front and one rear. Reverse is provided.

better, single-axle, tractor, diesel, gasoline

Technical specifications:

  • engine power. 7 l.с.;
  • engine displacement. 212 cc.see
  • soil width. 60-85 cm;
  • Cultivation depth. 35 cm;
  • fuel tank volume. 3.6 liters;
  • Number of cutters. 6;
  • weight. 78 kg;
  • dimensions. 145x77x112 cm.
  • Full adaptation to Russian conditions;
  • high productivity for a light class;
  • compactness;
  • easy care and maintenance;
  • low cost.

Engine life: which equipment is more reliable?

Reviews about the reliability of this or that technical device are very different. On the whole, this question is relative. After all, both the single axle tractor and the cultivator are equipped with gasoline engines from different manufacturers. If the motor is good, hardy and works like clockwork, then it will have a longer service life. If the engine is cheap, then the reliability of the equipment decreases several times. In addition, much depends on operating conditions: where and how often the machine works, what loads it withstands, what type of soil and the size of plots.

Diesel power tillers are considered to be the most reliable and durable. The water-cooled diesel engine has a much longer service life.

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Conclusions: what to buy

Now that you understand the difference you can easily tell by eye which is a cultivator and which is a single axle tractor. Which one of these units is better, it is impossible to say unequivocally, because each farmer and dacha owner has his own area for machining and different tasks. Some people are looking for a gasoline cultivator, others prefer an electric, lightweight device, and still others only need a functional single-axle tractor. What to choose depends on the size of the area and priorities. What is most important for you? Lightness, comfort, maneuverability, speed, economy, wide range of functions?

Some tips for those who are in doubt about the choice:

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