Motor cultivator tarpan change of oil in the engine

Mounting of attachments for ≪Tarpan≫ cultivator

Different brands of attachments are interchangeable.


≪Strun mower attachment for ≪Tarpan units is designed for mowing grass up to 20 cm. The mower blade works well in open and hard-to-reach places. The rotary mower is no less popular. Attached rake makes it easy to collect hay and use it for its intended purpose.

Snow blowers

Snow cleaning attachment for ≪Tarpan cultivator can be combined with machines of other brands. There is independent snowplow ≪Tarpan SNU which is controlled manually by levers. Removes snow up to 25 cm in height. Working width of 1 meter.

Many auxiliary equipments are available for the harvester ≪Tarpan≫

Snowplow can be equipped with brush, dozer blade and snow blades. Able to throw snow up to 5 m to the side.

Shovel blade

With the ≪Tarpan cultivator shovel, you can simply rake debris, level the site, and clear snow. Blade rotation is adjustable.

Frame with wheels

Transport wheels attached to the frame make it easy to move the cultivator.

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Changing the oil in a four stroke outboard


Couplings attach attachments to the cultivator. They can be swivel or U-shaped. Swivel allows for maneuvering at work.

Potato shovel and potato planter for ≪Tarpan cultivator

The potato planting canopy looks like a big cone-shaped funnel to put the planting material in.

Potato loosener is the most popular. It grabs the root crops together with the soil and, by rumbling, sifts through the contents, leaving the potatoes on the surface of the soil.

Reverse plow

For plowing virgin and heavy soils, the reversible plow is used. It is mounted on the rear of the machine.

Weeder for soil

Cultivator tillers ≪Tarpan≫ come in single-row and disc. They are fixed without coupling.

Tillers for ripping and plowing

Active rotary hoes are supplied with the ≪Tarpancultivator for loosening the soil. There are also so-called ≪goose feet≫. cutters that work the ground instead of the plow. They are bought additionally or made by craftsmen.

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Sometimes it may be necessary to retrofit the machine when using a cultivator


It’s hard to imagine heavy tillage without grousers. The set comes with 2 pieces.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tarpan cultivators

Since Tarpan motocultivators are assembled at the factory belonging to the defense industry, the factory production is distinguished by high quality and assembly reliability. The first models were assembled in the early 90s, when the production crisis forced the company to seek alternative directions of development. Lack of experience left its mark on the first cultivators. they could not compete with products of foreign manufacturers. However, after introducing new technologies and concluding contracts with leading manufacturers of engines for agricultural machinery, “Tulamashzavod” was able to assemble machinery that meets the most stringent technical requirements and standards.

The competitive advantages of modern Tarpan power tillers include:

  • Reliable, durable engines from leading manufacturers of the industry;
  • High quality of assembling and productivity of machinery;
  • Adaptation to domestic operating conditions;
  • Unpretentiousness in maintenance, high maintainability;
  • Wide range of attachments allows to enlarge the range of work performed.

The disadvantages of the machines include a rather small number of service centers and representative offices of the company, which creates certain difficulties in the process of maintenance and repair of equipment. However, this disadvantage is compensated for by the simplicity of design. if necessary, following the instructions in the user manual, the owner of the cultivator can fix most of the problems on his own.


Tarpan power tillers with “Briggs and Stratton” engines can support operation with a wide range of attachments.

motor, cultivator, tarpan, change, engine


The delivery set of Tarpan power tillers includes a set of cutters, which are made of quality self-sharpening metal. They can work for a long period of time. Cutters are installed in place of standard pneumatic wheels.

Another option of attachments are active cutters. They are installed behind the power tiller. Thereby giving the machine additional balance, stability and safety, as it is virtually impossible to get damaged by the active milling machine.

The tillers can only work the soil that has been prepared. When working on hard ground they cannot enter the ground and overstep the soil. For virgin land it is still better to work the surface with ploughs and then with tillers.

Tarpan Plough Plough PN-1-20MB

The first one breaks the ground, while the second one shreds.

Mowers and rakes

The Tarpan power tillers support operation with a rotary mower. It cuts the grass with rotating blades. Rotary mowers help maintain yard or park areas.

Zarya rotary mower Patriot KKR-4 rotary mower

Mowed weeds can be gathered for making hay for the winter with a rake, which is connected to the device and makes the gathering.

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Potato harvester and potato planter

To make potato harvesting easier, the Tarpan power tiller and potato planter can be turned on and off.

The most popular variant of the potato harvester is the screen one. Its active knife plunges into the ground for about 20 cm, picks up a layer of soil together with the fruit, and then breaks the soil on the rumble and leaves only tubers on the surface.


This attachment is used for row spacing of crops. During work, they do not just dump soil on bushes, but also perform weeding.

Single row weeder alt=”Potato weeder” width=”146″ height=”150″ /Potato weeder

Snow blowers and dozer blade

During the winter season in our country there are abundant snowfalls, and snow removal at dachas or in rural areas requires a lot of physical. Tarpan power tillers can help with these operations.

A feature of Tulamashzavod equipment is the ability to start even at subzero temperatures.

Snow shovels are special attachments that pick up the snow layer and throw the snow at a distance of about 6 meters.

Blade shovels are used for clearing snowfall from yard areas.

Wheels, grousers and tracks

As standard, the Tarpan single-axle tractor has pneumatic wheels with a wide tread. They go deep into the ground and provide a smooth ride.

To improve traction, you can install metal tires. It is a special steel rim with welded plates that enter the ground during driving and improve the passability of the Tarpan power tiller.

Crawler modules are installed when riding a power tiller in winter. They increase surface contact area and improve steering when driving on ice or snow.


Tarpan cultivators are lightweight, so to make them easier to handle, you need to increase the weight of the machine. To improve traction and ground contour hugging the machine, it is necessary to use a crawler pulley. They are made in the form of pancakes and hung on the wheel axle.


Tarpan power tillers can be used for transporting loads with the help of trailers. The most popular are the dump trailers, which can unload cargo by simply lifting up the front of the machine.

The adapter

The main problem with this tractor is that you have to move it standing up, which makes it very fatiguing. To make this process easier, you can install a special attachment with a seat. an adapter.

Operating manual

the Tarpan single axle tractor, the instructions for which will be reviewed below, has a very interesting feature. it can be easily dismantled into two component parts for more convenient transportation.

Hand pump sprayer. a device for plant care, for sprinkling plants with water and watering. Hand pump sprayer. irreplaceable in the garden.

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On the streets of modern cities, it is no longer a big surprise to find various snow removal equipment. Follow this link to learn all about the Champion 656 snow blower.

Today, more and more consumers are buying such an indispensable and important farming tool as a lawnmower. Here is everything about the most popular MTD lawnmower models.

One part of it includes the power unit, which consists of the power unit, fuel system and controls. The second part is a gear unit, which consists of a gearbox, gearbox, wheel or tiller, as well as two brackets. rear and front.

Changing the oil in the gearbox

On various Internet forums many people ask. how to change the oil in a Tarpan power tiller? To begin with, you need to drain the oil into a dish, and then pour it into the gearbox to the optimal value (350 ml). New oil filling and draining takes place via the plug.

It is advisable to drain the oil immediately after completing all work, when the oil has not yet had time to cool.

Many people are also interested in the question. what oil to pour into the gearbox of the Tarpan motoblock? According to the manual, you should use SAE 90 oil for the gearbox.


Regarding oil for engine, then necessary oil grade is indicated in manual for engine (Tarpan uses different engine in different models of road block, so oil will be different).

Replacement of oil seals

Replacement of oil seals in the gearbox of Tarpan motorblock is carried out in case of oil leakage from the gearbox. This should be done immediately, because in the case of a complete oil leak from the reducer, all of its components will fail quite quickly, as.к. can work for a long time without oiling.

Review of the Tarpan motocultivator. Description, Features, Reviews. Gasoline cultivator tarpan to help the farmer Basic parameters and technical characteristics of the motorblock tarpan

High performance technique ensured by the quality assembly of Honda, Champion and Zongshen engines.

Cultivator advantages:

  • Powerful worm gearbox.
  • The motor is cooled by an air filter and the carburettor lasts longer.
  • Provides attachments.
  • All controls are on the steering wheel.
  • Height adjustable steering wheel.
  • Rubber-coated handles make it easy to tilt or swivel the cultivator.
  • Reliable spark plugs make the clutchutching faster.
  • The two-part separating of the cultivator is convenient for transporting in the trunk of a passenger car.