Partner 350 starts up and stalls reasons

Chainsaw malfunctions

Chainsaws are units that are simple in design and operation. When handled correctly, malfunctions rarely occur and, often, they are quickly rectified by the owner himself.

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Our review is intended to help in extreme situations when it is necessary to understand and eliminate the root causes of tool failure.

What to do if the chainsaw won’t start further?

If the initial inspection did not give anything or the defects were eliminated during the search, and the chainsaw does not start further, then you need to look for more serious reasons. It is best to identify and eliminate such breakdowns in a service center. However, with experience, you can find and eliminate them yourself. What to diagnose and check?

  • Compression in the cylinder;
  • Compression in the crankcase;
  • Carburetor operation.

In the first case, checking the compression in the cylinder will allow you to find out the state of the cylinder-piston group (CPG) of a chainsaw that does not want to start cold. For this you need a compressometer. The device is screwed into place of the spark plug and the engine is idle. Measurement of readings allows you to judge the state of the CPG. In the absence of a compression gauge, the compression in the cylinder can be determined offhand as follows:

  • Place your finger on the candle hole;
  • Try to start the chainsaw engine.

By placing your finger on the spark plug hole and pulling the starter, you can check the compression in the cylinder.

If you feel that your finger is pulling strongly into the candle channel, then everything is in order with the compression. The absence of a vacuum in the chamber indicates a malfunction. The cylinder-piston group needs a more detailed inspection, which will give an idea of ​​the condition of the piston and cylinder, piston rings and bearings.

The chainsaw may not start on a cold one due to the lack of compression in the engine crankcase. The main reason for this is damage to the gasket placed between the cylinder and the crankcase. It is quite easy to detect the lack of compression:

  • Disconnect the upper tube from the carburetor;
  • Pour gasoline into a regular cork;
  • We immerse the removed tube in the fuel;
  • We pull the starter several times.
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If the fuel from the cap is sucked in when starting the chainsaw starter, then everything is in order with the compression. If not, see the gasket.

If the fuel is drawn in, then everything is in order. the gasket is intact. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a repair kit and replace it. How to do this watch the video why the Chinese chainsaw does not start:

Starting the tool can be complicated by improper operation of the carburetor or its breakage. It often happens that during the sawing process, the fastening screws are loosened and air is sucked into the cylinder. Check that the carburetor is securely fastened. Inspect it for fuel leaks. There can be a lot of reasons for the malfunction. It is possible to pinpoint the malfunction, eliminate it and fine-tune the carburetor only in a service center.

After going through the step-by-step troubleshooting of the chainsaw engine, you can find the malfunction, fix it yourself and successfully start your working tool. Do not take on jobs that you are not sure of. Entrust the troubleshooting to specialists from the service center.

Why does a chainsaw stall when you press the gas?

Hello! If you find yourself on this page, then, most likely, your chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, and you want to find out why this is happening and what to do about it. That all the same, I will try to help you in this dilemma by analyzing the more common prerequisites for such a hassle, as well as ways to eliminate them.

To begin with, I will immediately write for novice users that many chainsaws before work asks for the engine to warm up at idle for about one minute. Why the chainsaw starts and stalls. the reasons and. Here the chainsaw has stalled and will not start, or the STIHL chainsaw stalls. While the engine is cold, the saw may stall when gas is added.

So, if a heated chainsaw can idle, but stalls under load, then this means that:

  • the carburetor is incorrectly configured or clogged. the most common case;
  • it does not have enough air, the consumption of which increases sharply with increasing revolutions. this means that the air filter is dirty (a rare case, because the filter is contaminated evenly, so the user first notices a loss of power);
  • it lacks fuel, the consumption of which also increases with increasing speed. this means that the fuel filter is dirty (also an infrequent case);
  • Well, and the worst case, if there is excessive friction between the piston and the cylinder wall, associated with a lack of oil in the fuel consistency. after this operation of the chainsaw, you will most likely fly into the repair of the piston group, because scuffs form on the piston and cylinder walls that prevent saw operation.

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Top Reasons Chainsaw Starts, Then Stalls — Chainsaw Troubleshooting

Chainsaw Partner 350 starts and stalls

Can a real owner do without a chainsaw? This is nonsense! Many small and not so things will stop without this tool: cutting branches, pruning bushes, small carpentry repairs, etc. But what can I say, you yourself know better how badly you need a chainsaw.

And the popular Partner chainsaw is so named for a reason. it helps in the household as well as a partner. And if this chainsaw breaks down, then it is very difficult without it. Fortunately, you can try repairing your Partner chainsaw yourself. Let’s see in what cases this is possible.

Problem: the chainsaw stalls after starting

A common situation: the Partner chainsaw stalls at high speeds, although it starts up before that and runs without problems on medium gas. Sometimes on average it also works intermittently. but at full throttle it immediately stalls. This problem is faced by many users who save on quality fuel.

Low-quality gasoline easily contaminates parts with carbon deposits. In this case, it will not hurt to check the filters (air and fuel). over, the muffler suffers from poor fuel and carbon deposits.

The combustion products of dirty fuel simply clog it, forming an impenetrable plug from the burning. This plug greatly reduces engine power. At the same time, gasoline is consumed in large quantities, but there is no result in power. Check and clean the muffler:

Fixing the fuel system of the chainsaw

When the fuel supply is interrupted, it is not surprising that the chainsaw does not work. over, there is only one problem in this case: no fuel enters the cylinder. And there may be several reasons for this problem, and you have to find the very reason.

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First, try disconnecting the fuel hose and observing the fuel flow. A weak, intermittent flow indicates a clogged filter. Take it out, rinse and dry, and if possible, replace with a new filter. Clean the breather (valve) from blockages too.

Check the condition of the carburetor filter and, if necessary, thoroughly rinse it, dry it and reinstall it. We talked about setting up the carburetor in detail above, and these actions in this case will also not be superfluous.

If the reason is not in the breather or in the carburetor, then everything can be trivial. Make sure there is enough fuel in the tank.

There may also be malfunctions in the cylinder-piston group (abbreviated CPG) of the Partner chainsaw. This damage can be considered serious because the cylinder and piston are the heart of the engine. Therefore, the CPG is an expensive component, the cost of which reaches half the cost of the entire tool.

The power of the chainsaw directly depends on the well-coordinated work of the cylinder and piston. During operation, especially if the operating rules are violated, the cylinder, piston and rings can wear out. In this case, only the replacement of parts will help.

Parts of the CPG can be mechanically damaged. These defects can be diagnosed independently. Remove the muffler. You can see the CPG in the hole. Scratches and scuffs on the surface of the cylinder, located chaotically, occur when debris, fragments, solid foreign particles enter.

If the cylinder has darkened, and this defect is observed on its entire surface, then, in all likelihood, you refueled the chainsaw with low-quality fuel. Bad gasoline also affects the oil scraper rings. The worn surface of the cylinder on the side of the muffler is a sign of critical overheating of the chainsaw during operation. Minor mechanical damage can be corrected by replacing bearings, rings, etc. But in case of deep seizure, the CPG will have to be completely replaced by contacting a Partner chainsaw repair shop.

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Basic carburetor setting

Slowly tighten the maximum and minimum speed adjusting screws (H and L) clockwise until the stop, and then one and a half turns in the opposite direction.